"Mind Flenser"?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Sir Knight, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Sir Knight

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    I . . . see.
    "Flensing" is, apparently, a parallel to "flaying" for when you remove blubber from a whale. So obviously we're about to get non-copyright-infringing Mind Flayers in the game.

    We've had a "Psychic" category for some time but it didn't see much use: only Blind Rage and Loner. This could be fun. Next we need only expand the "Sonic" category . . .
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  2. Nobody has copyright over the words "Mind Flayer" because names cannot be protected with copyrights. Not really what this topic is about but I wanted to point this out because people always misunderstand how it works. Some names are trademarked but "Mind Flayer" is not.
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  3. Megadestructo

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    I think Mind Flenser is funnier though and more in the spirit of Card Hunter :)
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  4. Pengw1n

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    Yeah, I believe Mind Flayer might be ok to use (but Ilithid is probably not in terms of copyright) - but prefer Mind Flenser, as this isn't supposed to be D & D - just an homage. Should be close enough to make everyone understand what it represents without being a replica.

    (also, seems the Mind Flenser's boss just appeared - Elder Mind).

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