[META] Centurion Challenge

Discussion in 'Custom Scenarios and Boards' started by Farbs, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Ahh, nice. I was thinking about doing another round just for fun but didn't know what it would do to my standing on the leaderboard. I kind of like where I am. :cool:
  2. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Cool. I was tempted to record your # of successful runs too, but I also like the idea that it's something you can finish and move on from. I find goals like that feel more substantial and satisfying than endless high score chases.
  3. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator


    I'd like to note that NintyNineKnaves has both the most members on the leaderboard and the most with a perfect score. :D
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  4. Murgy

    Murgy Kobold

    Alright! That was fun. I got an elf warrior, human priest, and dwarf vampire/priest.

    Things were oddly cyclical, the human had two Boosted Heal cards, while the dwarf had a Misguided Heal and an Unholy Frenzy, so I'd throw those at the human for an x2 self heal chance each and then dump the 6 point heal from the cards themselves onto the warrior when he needed it, and the dwarf would just heal herself with Invigorating Touch.

    Things were certainly active from a movement perspective, too, as the elf wizard on the opposing team had a bloody Volcano. No turtling here, but I made it in the end!

    Anyway, here's that software information.
    Windows 7
  5. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    Beat it on my first attempt, the Quick Draw gods were merciful to me. On the opposing team was a dwarf priest with no attacks and loads of armor, an elf priest with no attacks, some minor healing, and Crafted mail, and a dwarf warrior with no moves and some range 2 attacks. My team was as follows:

    Elf Wizard: Mighty Spark, Mind Leak, Punishing Bolt, Flash Flood, Dimensional Traveller, Dash, Officer's Harness.

    Human Wizard: Winds Of War, Trip, Ember Burst, Retreat, Force Blast, Force Cone, Burning Fingers.

    Elf Priest: Demonic Power, Ill-Fitting Armor, Team Heal, Impenetrable Nimbus, Holy Presence, Healing Pulse, Wounded Block.

    Strategy: Hole up in corner, flash flood outside the entrance. Shoot beams at them, keep away from water. Repeat for two hours, that's why I can recite their decks from memory.
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  6. peonprop

    peonprop Thaumaturge

    I know there's been an influx of new players that probably don't know about this. Great way to learn how to do Quick Draw and test cards in general without embarrassing yourself. Still plenty of spots on the leaderboard too. The scenario is in the original post. The link below tells you how to play custom games.

    How to Play Custom Games
  7. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    Man, until you posted here, @peonprop , I hadn't even noticed that it existed.

    Completed! Phew! What a grind!
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  8. cheeseex

    cheeseex Kobold

    and the number of completions hits 27
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  9. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Bump, just a reminder to everyone that this still exists!
  10. Super4011

    Super4011 Lizardman Priest

    I somehow managed to beat this on my first try. It was probably because of my opponent's choice of cards any how they were played. I am currently #67 on the leaderboard.
    I did manage to once kill all three enemy characters on the same turn near the end.
    My Characters:
    Human Warrior (A): 1x Dynamic Armor 1x Reliable Mail 1x Powerful Hack 1x Tricky Stab 1x Reaching Swing 1x Penetrating Cut 1x Weak Strike
    Tactics: I attacked the elf wizard and dwarf priest mostly. This warrior was more offensive than my other warrior.
    Dwarf Cleric: 1x Disorienting Block 1x Impenetrable Nimbus 1x Spiked Mail 1x Limited Heal 1x Twin Heals 1x Minor Heal 1x Cowardly
    Tactics: I would heal the allies with the lowest health, stay away from the enemies, and use Impenetrable Nimbus on allies that were about to take heavy damage.
    Human Warrior (B): 1x Disorienting Block 1x Reliable Mail 1x Fiery Stab 1x Parry 1x Bloodied Block 1x Leather Harness 1x Backbiting Strike
    Tactics: Same as Human Warrior (A), though this one is more defensive.
    Gary's Characters:
    Human Warrior: 1x Enchanted Harness 1x Unnerving Strike 1x Sparkling Cloth Armor 1x Lunging Strike 1x Simple Bash 1x Clumsy Chop 1x Ill-fitting Armor
    Notes: The strongest enemy in my opinion, the armor protected a good amount of damage and she moved from it every time. She was also the hardest hitter. Her Clumsy Chop was often blocked though, which caused her to usually discard Enchanted Harness or another armor card.
    Elf Wizard: 1x Scamper 1x Flash Flood 1x Wall Of Fire 1x Hover 1x Jarring Block 1x Fire Spray 1x Mind Leak
    Notes: This wizard was definitely the weakest. My only problems with her were Wall Of Fire, which was easy to get out of (or I could use the Impenetrable Nimbus), and Fire Spray possibly damaging my priest (Reliable Mail rendered it useless for my other characters). Hover never helped her apart from card draw and Mind Leak kept making her discard her cards. I sometimes managed to kill her the turn she respawned.
    Dwarf Priest: 1x Unholy Wellspring 1x Mass Frenzy 1x Healing Blessing 1x Simple Bash 1x Misguided Heal 1x Demonic Revenge (1x ???)
    Notes: She was a good supporter, even though she kept playing Misguided Heal while having Unholy Wellspring attached to her. She helped me a few times by killing my enemies and sometimes targeting my characters with Misguided Heal. She had no blocks or armor that protected against my attacks though, which made her easy to kill.
    (???: These are cards that I forgot what they were or were never played)
    (Flash Flood and Mass Frenzy were never played)
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  11. Rohndil

    Rohndil Hydra

    Beat it on my third try, #68 to reach 100. 83 rounds.

    Centurion1.jpg Centurion2.jpg

    I figure my dwarven party deserves to be immortalized here forever.

    I faced a Human Wizard (Defensiveness), a Dwarf Priest (Cowardly) and a Dwarf Warrior (Demonic Revenge). Bad handicaps and overall bad cards (Ancient Grudge, Soothing Darkness, some heals, only armor was a Shimmering Aura, only block was a Catch Arrow, little movement, no way to remove Doom... though I can't blame Gary for this). Between Forgetfullness and Defensiveness the wizard was a sitting duck; priest's only move was his racial Walk, he spent the whole game getting bashed away and doomed. Warrior had some annoying stabs and bashes, but with the rest of his party basically useless I had all the tools necessary to keep him at bay.

    Doom was hands down my Most Valuable Card, netting me a free kill every four rounds or so. Violent Spin and bashes were great for board control.
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  12. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    with what do I open this download?
  13. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    To open a scn or brd file: launch card hunter, go to multiplayer, click create casual game, click custom, click load or import if it is a scn file or brd file respectively.

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