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  1. tuknir

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    Wild World Wrestling Card Hunter (WWW-CH)

    Jerry- Welcome all to this grudge match. Graveyard Holgan vs Big Goblin Show. This promisse to be a night to rememb..

    Music starts Playing:"Cause you got No chance, no chance in hell
    You got no chance, no chance in hell
    You got no chance, no chance in hell
    You got no chance, no chance in hell, yeah"

    Jerry- uhuh the Boss is here

    Dince Mcmahon: Hold up hold up... Graveyard Holgan you really think, after what you did to me, the disrespect, i would let you off the hook so easy?
    Dince Mcmahon: Tonight our main event will be a handicap match. Graveyard Holgan Vs Big Goblin Show & The Masked Man with speacial referee: my own son Dhane Mcmahon

    Jerry- Seems Graveyard Holgan going to join the Kiss my Butt club tonight

    Wild Word Wrestling CH neo.jpg

    Epilogue: Jerry: What a epic battle that happened tonight. Graveyard Holgan once again beat the odds

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  2. [​IMG]

    The Contest

    Once a year, some time after the spring harvest, 24 champions from different races are magically teleported from their homes to a secret location where they are forced to fight each other until one team is victorious. Nobody knows why this is happening or who is responsible for it, but they do know that the losers never return.

    This event is known as the Contest.

    Your team is victorious. As you step in the center room, you are surrounded by bright blue light, and you start feeling light-headed. Just before you pass out, you hear terrible laughter everywhere around you..

    This scenario is my version of tuknir's idea of having multiple smaller rooms where random 1 vs. 1 battles happen. One of the problem with the original idea was that after you beat the opposing character, your own character just stands there and does nothing. I wanted to make a scenario where you benefit from killing the opposing character faster. The other major change is that all 8 characters are different, so you will never get mirror matches.

    This adventure consists of 3 scenarios. Each scenario has 2 teams of 4 champions. Each champion is randomly matched up against an enemy champion. The room in the center is where you want to go. To get to that room, you need to destroy a door. If the opposing champion is too dangerous, you can run to the next room using the pathway of the coward.

    Additional information
    GAME ACCOUNT: Scared Little Girl
    SCENARIO TOPIC: click here

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  3. Sealed Demon Extermination.

    Setting: You take control of Carolinia and her two summoned Sparkler helpers to stop a demon from escaping. This takes place many ages ago.

    Carolinia has been tasked with investigating reports of an urgent nature from the village near an ancient shrine. Upon arriving she sees that Kobold and Lizardman priests are weakening the bindings around a sealed demon! The demonic circle glows with unnatural light as the priests remove the final binding talismans from around the demon! What they want with the demon is of no concern to her, but she must put a stop to them before the demon is allowed to run free. Carolinia and her summoned helpers attack!


    A twilight variant:

    Carolinia wipes sweat from her brow as the demon shrieks and crumbles into dust. When investigating the circle she finds a loose floorboard with a cache of valuables hidden underneath it.

    *The kobold should pose no trouble for you, so ignore it and focus your firepower on the demon.

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  4. Protecting Master's Manor.

    Three war dogs are guarding their master's treasure when 3 dwarves, reeking of liquid courage, break down the door to take the gold for themselves!

    Dog 1:Woof! Grr! Woof!
    (Translation: Little men break door!)
    Dog 2:Bark! Bark!
    (Translation: This master's place!)
    Dog 3: Woof woof!
    (Translation: Little men get no closer to master's things!)
    All: *Sniff* Whine...
    (Translation: Little men reek of booze...)


    The dwarves sober up and beat a hasty retreat, dropping many items in their wake.

    *Focus all your attacks on one dwarf at a time.
    *They will try to get behind you, so make sure to keep some distance between them and yourself.

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  5. tuknir

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    Map Name: Stench Lair
    It's a trap!!
    The scroll of polymorph you bought from the magic shop, is in fact a Teleport spell.
    You appear in the lair of the demon Morvin The Malodorous, so this is his payback from the last time you faced him...
    Lucky 2 of your faithful sprites where in the range of the teleport spell and got teleported with you.
    Teach Morvin a lesson , one that he will never forget.

    Epilogue: Now that Morvin is dealt with, and you looted his lair, it's time to get your revenge on the scroll seller

    Stench Cave neo.jpg

    Note: the Roaches,Traplings and Morvin have multiple spawns, so it should provide a bit diferent challenge every time you play it. A bad respawn from Morvin can make the map a lot harder.

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  6. tuknir

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    Name: Circus Camp

    Freedom! With a strike of luck you manage to get out of your cage. No more circus performing, no more lashes, its run or die fighting.
    With no time to spare,you release some of your fellow circus mates and strike to the near Ogre captor and his guard dogs.
    Unfortunately not all circus captives are so willing to fight for their freedom and joined the ogre side.
    Deal with then fast, because all the commotion soon will bring more ogres to the scene.

    Epilogue: With the Ogre death you and your mates manage to escape into the surrounding wilderness to live free.

    Circus Camp.jpg

    -The basic idea is :eek:u control 3 diferent chars, and they need work togheter to conquer the challenge.
    -Bonus points to make a super monkey ( with only bones and armorphous armor).
    -Dont underestimate the acid fiend

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  7. tuknir

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    -Guild Outpost-
    For centuries the brave members of the "Sorcererers" guild protect Cardhuntria from the evil forces.
    Recently the dastardly and coward members of a enemy guild that worship the destructive force of the Fire are corrupting the land with their dark magic.
    Only thing that stands in their way is a outpost defended by some of the most noble, kind and gentle "Sorcererers" members.
    Defend yourself again the evil doers.
    The worshippers of Fire where beaten and the survivors are running away like the cowards that they are. The day is once again saved by the Sorcererers

    Guild Outpost.jpg

    the enemy guild is Power of Fire :p

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  8. Flaxative

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    Hah! That's awesome, Tuknir. With a little editing (we're the Sorcererers!) it seems like it could enshrine our radness for ages to come. :)
  9. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    fixed :D
  10. Inkfingers

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    Notes: I was told that lava tiles were likely (but not definitely) acceptable, due to their inclusion in MP maps, and the precedent that Zen and Halloween map content is fair game. Hopefully, this is the case. If not, let me know and I can edit it.

    While I submitted three maps, I'm definitely happiest with the Binding of Xanthicius. The other two seem alright, but I really enjoy the Binding map a lot more. I'm submitting them as a set, because they are a set, but Binding is a fine one-shot on it's own, and could fit pretty well into a lot of Mauve Manticore lineups.

    ~Another Day At The Office~
    Four noble and valiant groups of adventurers fought in King Osirius' Tournament of Champions. Everyone knows the tale of the tourney's victors, but what of the others? Three stories have yet to be told...

    The King's Magistrate had offered a hefty bounty for the head of Dark Dave, the leader of a fearsome pack of mercenary bandits that had long plagued the Royal Road. It had taken a phenomenal effort, but between Karagrik's ax, Lorzil's spear, and Andengal's magic, the three of you had managed to take him down. Returning to the Magistrate's office revealed a new wrinkle in this plan, however - Gethan Deathzap, driven mad by his defeats in the area, had built himself a small army of golems and was now assaulting the Magistrate's office, demanding that his losses be overturned. Only a single guard still stood between this automaton attack and the Magistrate's fortified panic room. Without hesitation, you surge forward to give aid to the besieged guard. There is glory to be had!
    The mechanized assault defeated, you finally turn in your bounty. The magistrate rewards you with the agreed-upon bounty for , adding an extra item as a bonus for saving his life. The three of you grin among yourselves - word of your deeds will certainly reach the king's ear.

    ~The Sepulcher of Alet Zhav~

    Dwarves are well know for their propensity for digging deep and digging far in pursuit of riches. Therefore, it is little surprise that it was your clan that first uncovered the location of the buried Sepulcher of Alet Zhav. The necromancer, with the aid of his undead giant Tvericus, had been terrorizing the surrounding countryside up on the surface for quite some time. As you charge into his lair, you note with some apprehension that the mad sorcerer seemed largely unperturbed by your sudden incursion, and in fact seems to be working some kind of dark magic at his mystic alter! However, fear is not a dwarven emotion, and so you rally and charged into the fray. These undead will stand no chance against the might of the dwarven heroes Melbrog, Felvin and Melzag!

    ~The Binding of Xanthicius~

    The paranoid dragon Xanthicius always suspected that defeat was a possibility. Thus, it cunningly prepared a cloned a second body for it's soul to inhabit, should it ever be defeated in battle. Fortunately, elven Mystics had long ago divined it's location, and bound it to sleep with potent magics. Sealed it behind nine mystic signs, it would be unable to awake, should it try to retreat to the cloned body after death. The call went out for the three of you, Sharp Cucelden, Blessed Anrime, and Galedirer Earth-Changer, to check the strength of the seals on the behest of the Mystics, as the dragon had just recently been slain by another party of adventures. Just as you were finishing your inspection, a group of demons suddenly burst into the inner chamber! One of them snarled a dark incantation laden with foul intent, and slowly, Xanthicius began to stir in his prison, and the runes on the seals began to creak and strain in a most ominous fashion. You must defeat the demons and realign the eldritch seals before the dragon breaks free!
    It seems that some demons still hid in our world, and emerged from their holes when they learned of the continued existence of their old draconic lord. However, they could not free their dark master in the face of your elven skill and grace! The Mystics hand you several valuable treasures from the dragon's old horde for your trouble, assuring you that the seals will be well guarded until the last of the roving demons are cleared from the area. Thanks to you, the eldritch bindings are secure, Cardhuntria can rest assured that the dragon Xanthicius will not terrorize the countryside for many years to come.

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  11. Skafsgaard

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    I unfortunately missed the MM01 scenarios, since I have been away from the game for a month or two.
    Is it possible to still play them, even at this time? I don't see them on the in-game world map, sadly, but I figured there might be a way.

    Thanks in advance!
  12. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    MM01 unlocks after you complete MM02.
  13. Skafsgaard

    Skafsgaard Kobold

    Thank you!
  14. Lord Ra

    Lord Ra Kobold

    Game of the Land

    “You come here with your disease and your pestilence and your religion,” said King Bak’Zor of the Oru’Kai, “and you expect us to just bow down?”
    “It is our destiny to expand to this land,” stated Sir Iritar of the Order of the Manifest. “It is God’s will.”
    “You will NOT take our land!”
    “And we will not turn back, so I suppose we are at an impasse.”

    “In that case, I propose a game…”

    “The Oru’Kai rejoiced upon their victory in the ‘Game of the Land.’ Now they were once again free, as Iritar would now withdraw his forces per the treaty he had signed.”

    “What happened to them daddy?”

    “Iritar did not honor the treaty. He came back with more forces, and slaughtered the Oru’Kai. Some of their descendants still remain. They own a casino down on the reservation about 30 miles from here.”

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  15. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Devil Dogs Quest
    by Kalin

    Part I: Ruined Entrance
    In a hidden valley deep in the Crystal Mountains there lies a rift in the wall between reality and the Great Abyss. For centuries a secret order of monks has guarded this unholy portal with the aid of their courageous canine companions, but nothing lasts forever. Inevitably, wars among the lowland nations spill over into the valley, the monastery is overrun, and all the monks are killed.

    Years pass.

    The demonic hordes notice the weakening of the wards, and begin their attempts to open the portal. No one remains to sound to alarm, to hold the wards against them. No one, except three direct descendants of the Demon-Devouring Dogs of Dernholm Dale.

    Part 1: Aftermath
    Devils on the doorstep! You quickly bury the revolting remains of the insidious imps before following the stench of evil inside.

    Part 2: Broken Cloister
    Once, this courtyard was a place of peace and pristine beauty, with a quiet fountain flowing into crystal clear pool full of frolicking fish.

    Now the fountain is silent, the pool scummy, a fallen tree has crushed one side of the cloister, and a squad of sinister sprites has opened another portal.

    Part 2: Aftermath
    During the battle, the evil essences emanating from deeper inside have increased insidiously.

    It's just one Damned Thing after another...

    Part 3: Desecrated Sanctum
    As you reach the inner sanctum, you find the wards are already broken, the guardian statues defaced, and four major demons are opening a portal directing into the Abyss! The Archfiend Mdfg$gh'q'Hgfr&ahY has already managed to manifest his head in the room, and you have only moments before all of Hell breaks loose!

    Part 3: Aftermath
    With much effort you manage to end the threat, at least for the moment. You head off to find some two-legs to clean up this mess and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

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  16. Lord Ra

    Lord Ra Kobold

    Scared Little Girl- I tried the contest. All the computer wants to do is attack the doors. Assign all the doors to the enemy party and that should clear up the problem.
  17. Codde

    Codde Mushroom Warrior

    So the demon devouring dogs gain their strength? :)
  18. tuknir

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    Map Name: Poisonous Swamp

    PROLOGUE: Treason!
    Finding about a strange shrine on the swamp, a member of the Order, joined with Morvin The Malodorous, to try unlock the shrine hidden dark magic.
    He must be stopped. Unfortunately only you and a fellow novice are on the area, so extreme measures are needed.
    Join with the Guardians and stop this madness before its too late.

    EPILOGUE: The traitor is death. The Malodorous manage to ran away, but soon he will pay.
    With this new alliance of the Core and the Astral Guardians, no one can stand in the way.
    After looting the shrine, is time to study it and see if it can be used to further the goals of the new alliance.

    Poisonous Swamp.jpg

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  19. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Tuknir, the pencil on the left looks really weird. Its perspective and shadow clearly show it's supposed to be rotated 180 degrees ( so its sharp point is towards upper right). Now it looks like it's hanging from a green upside down table unlike everything else around it.
  20. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Actualy now that u mencioned does look weird, bad angle. i will change it,thanks for noticing

    edited: fixed. thanks again :)

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