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  1. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Title: Inquisition's Trap


    Name of account: Maniafig

    Pre-battle flavour text:

    Your internship with the Inquisition's R&D department is almost at its end, you've spent months engineering a trap that's sure to make Yurik's head spin and all that stands between you and that cushy position as a Junior R&D is a simple test run of your trap.

    It took much convincing, but the Inquisition was willing to lend you an Afflicted Guard they subdued for questioning. As the Inquisitors push the hapless subject into the testing chamber, you put your ears on the door with glee for the sound of flapping wings followed by swinging blades and falling boulders.

    Post-battle flavour text:

    Now you're getting real antsy, it's already been a minute! Suddenly you hear the sound of a window shattering and an increasingly distant cackle. The Inquisitors push you aside as they barge into the room and you suddenly hear the sound of swinging blades and falling boulders followed by silence.

    You have a feeling you can wave that position goodbye. You quickly make away with your meager commission and start applying for another position at another employer.

    Note: No points are awarded for killing enemies.

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  2. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Name of Account: y0uthpast0r
    Scenario name: Silverwood Camp
    Pre-Battle flavor text: Having received armament from Svitlana, warden of the Silver Forest, your band of three sets out to scout the lands of Lord Makhail and report back. You make camp for your first night on the edge of the silver forest. It's no walled village, but surely the monsters would not dare enter the forest which is home to Svitlana and the origin of their bane, fey steel.
    Post-Battle flavor text: It seems the monsters are emboldened by their numbers and are even entering the Silver Forest itself. Is nothing safe from their blight? They must be taken out at their source, Castle Mitternacht. You gather what you can from their remains.

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  3. Vlamona

    Vlamona Hydra

    Title: From Beyond the Grave

    Account: Vlamona

    Before text: You don’t remember why they killed you. You remember almost nothing from when you were alive. You do remember that you want revenge. It feels like your whole being is made from your desire for vengeance. You have twisted the minds of two vampires, made them loyal to you. They will help you get revenge.


    After text: Your revenge is complete. Your whole reason for existing is gone and you fade away.


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  4. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    Title: Culinary Conclusion

    Pre-battle text: Home, sweet home! While you might have lost the finals, you're pretty convinced that a second place is almost as respectable, and your employer should be satisfied with your performance. As you ponder that, while occasionally paying some attention to that cauldron of boiling soup you're supposedly cooking and maybe even having a look at the oven, too, you hear a servant enter the kitchen with a message: Lord Cadford wants you to know that your reward is on the way. Content, you turn back to the cauldron. You don't know what you and your twin brother, the remaining Garcottos, will receive for your spectacular results, but you're sure it's going to rock!

    Post-battle text:
    You can't really wrap your head around what just happened. You try everything you can: putting the pieces into your award-winning soup, roasting them, frying them. But to no avail! The thing just refuses to taste any better, even after you try all combinations of seasonings known to you. This feels like pretty poor form from your employer, especially after all you've done to further his name and fame. You consider packing up and finding an employer who doesn't completely lack taste.


    Account: Frostguard

    Notes: Thanks to @Maniafig and @Wandere for their help with testing, design, and useful advice, and for Maniafig's permission to use one of his ealier submissions as backstory.

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  5. DipperPynes

    DipperPynes Kobold

    Title: Stupid geomance


    Before text:
    A Stupid geomancer had the brilliant idea to enter a temple
    and can not get out, and guess who's going to have to help him out


    After text: until at last he succeeded, but how long it will remain so, being that after defeating the enemies
    he realized that the door right next door was open all the time.

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  6. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Danger Sings


    Before Text:
    You called your three friends to come to your castle and play the latest E and E (Education and Employment) campaign with you. After pretending for over 8 hours to be a middle school American adolescent in the 1980s you've finally reached the last level. As your party try to escape an army of gunmen you take shelter in a nearby middle school. As you close the door behind you, you hear loud singing, wailing really, down the hall. What do you do?
    After Text:
    That was no Chorus teacher singing a solo. That was a shade from Mitternacht who'd invaded your otherwise pleasant game. Good thing you'd been doing your exorcise.

    [edit: changed out Orc for a gnome inciter, gunners for blinking wisps, and the xbow archer for a blood priest]

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  7. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Title: Magician's Library

    Account: Gaston Darkus

    Before Battle text: In a castle of cardhuntria, a group of Apprentice Magicians were reading about spells of Necromancy, one of them finds a very powerful spell with the ability to summon an army of zombies, he decides to try but accidentally opens a portal of demons and they begin to attack the Library, now it depends on our magicians to stop the demons of hell and return them to their world

    Map: Magician's Library.jpg

    After Battle Text: The Brave Wizards made it, They have managed to save the library, the demons were defeated and returned to their world

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  8. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Title: Forest of Jigramunt

    Account: Gaston Darkus

    Before Battle text: In Cardhuntria there is a very dangerous forest, the Forest of Jigramunt, Legends tell that in the deepest part of the Forest there is a great treasure, but due to the amount of dangers no one has managed to return alive. Some very advanced combat robots have been built for this mission, they are sent to the forest to take the treasure, but they all have a strict order that you must follow, none of them can be destroyed.

    Map: Jigramunt's Forest.jpg

    After Battle Text: Combat units Were able to conquer the Forest of Jigramunt and Recover the treasure following the order not to be destroyed, Thank you for taking them to victory.

    Note: Uses Tag (noMinionkillpoints)

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  9. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Accout: Gaston Darkus

    Title: Royal Graveyard

    Before Battle Text: In the cemetery where the 3 Ancient Kings of Cardhuntria are.... a strange magical energy fell in the cemetery, causing the kings and their armies to revive like zombies. The Guards and the Manager of the cemetery were enjoying their lunch quietly, when they began to hear the moans of the zombies, now they have to fight to stop them and prevent them from escaping from the cemetery.

    Map: Royal Graveyard.jpg

    After Battle Text: After a long battle the cemetery guards managed to defeat the horde of zombies. The next day they discovered that the spell had been done by an apprentice magician who could not control the power of the necromancy spell and his energy was sent to the cemetery.

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  10. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Title: Aloyzo Industries Infiltration


    Account name: Maniafig

    Pre-battle flavour text:

    Word has reached your ears that Aloyzo Industries is planning to hold a contest to determine what new line of Alozyo-approved and monster-maligned items they are going to manufacture.

    As a local regent, you are ever concerned about the reach of your Batford brand, so you have brought your charismatic and tech-savvy sniper as well as your precious pup with you to make a friendly suggestion to Alozyo to theme the contest around none other than yourself and your grand estate.

    You barge into Alozyo Industries expecting nothing but some common Sevants or animated Golems, but are quite distressed to be greeted by an unusual mechanized minion.


    Post-battle flavour text:

    You congratulate Alonzo on hacking you a way through cyberspace and turn off the security system before making your way through the offices unopposed.

    Aloyzo is quite peeved that you completely wrecked his security system, perhaps animated golems weren't such a bad idea after all, but Alonzo's crossbow and Blackfang's snarl quickly convince him to strike a deal: Alonzo shall help improve Aloyzo's cyber defenses and the upcoming Aloyzo's Arsenal contest will be themed around your grand etate!

    You leave Alozyo Industries quite pleased, but not before taking some of your well-deserved royalties for the rights to use your brand.

    Note: Uses AI music 1, uses tags (respawnPeriodTriangular, respawnFilterPlayer1, noMinionKillPoints)

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  11. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Title: The Power of Friendship


    Account name: Maniafig

    Pre-battle flavour text:

    Life has never been easy for Dog Boy and his best friend, Dog Boy. Their only friends in life are their scaredy-cat Psi Cats and they are picked on by everyone in Shieldhaven Prison, got pummeled by adventurers and worst of all they have been imprisoned by the Troll Kings to be used in their sacrificial ritual!

    Just as all hope seems lost, the Dog Boys are met with curious mewling from the loose cell grates. The psychic powers of the Dog Boys' precious Psi Cats allow them to establish a psychic link together and they share that the Troll Kings have almost finished their ritual and are about to be imbued with great power.

    As the Orcish guards come to take the Dogs Boys away for their sacrifice, the Dog Boys make an impassioned speech in unison and the cats nod along. It's time to show these hoodlums the power of friendship and strength in numbers!

    Post-battle flavour text:

    The Dog Boys and their Psi Cats cheer with newfound confidence as they undo the ritual and collect the Troll Kings' valuables. If even these Troll Kings cannot stand up to their combined power, then who can?

    The Dog Boys resolve to change their names to Cat Boy and to amass an army of Psi Cats. Together they shall usher Cardhuntria into a bright new age of friendship and purrs!

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  12. Prennick

    Prennick Kobold

    Title: Doggy to the Rescue



    Account Name: Prennick

    Pre-Battle Text:
    That sneaky Lord Stafford and his scary dog Scar are stealing Master's gold! The servants must be in on it too - they've locked you and your brother in your rooms and made it impossible to get out without breaking Master's special vases. Maybe if the two of you work together, you can find a way to get past the ropes they put up and stop the thieves.

    It's been a while since you've been in your secret tunnel though, not since Master taught you to stop digging. It's probably fine.

    Post-Battle Text:
    Master gave you treats for your help! Today was a good day.

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  13. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Title: Batford's Nightmare

    Account: Kalin

    You open your eyes and look around your bedroom. Everything seems to be in place, but you feel something is off, something is not quite right... and what is that smell?

    You call out to your faithful companion: "Blackfang! Here boy!" but there's no response. Instead you hear... purring?


    And then you wake up and find that the Nightmare Fairy left some cheap trinkets under your pillow.

    You make a note to avoid banana-n-bacon pudding before bedtime.

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