Mauve Manticore Is Coming Back!

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    With the change in ownership of Card Hunter, Blue Manchu’s Mary Myrax is of course no longer editing the fan-magazine Mauve Manticore. However! The Knights of Unity’s own superstar designer Sir Knight is here to take the reins. Mauve Manticore is coming back into circulation, and that means that we need you, oh Hunter of Cards, to submit your custom scenarios for possible inclusion in the game!

    Contest details can be found in the Mauve Manticore Submission Thread, but the gist is that you submit your custom scenarios and we select the best of those for publication in the optional “Mauve Manticore” adventure modules. Any player who submits a selected scenario wins a bunch of pizza!

    And, with the recent release of the Eastpass Conspiracy adventures, there are 20 new monsters waiting for you in the custom scenario builder. This is an exciting time to design encounters, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

    A few notes:
    • You don’t need to use new monsters for your submission to be considered.
    • Previously submitted scenarios will still be considered for inclusion in future editions.
    • If we receive enough submissions of sufficient quality, we will look into creating a system for players to vote on which scenarios should be included in the game, and possibly give additional rewards for popular scenarios.
    • We don’t have a set date for the next edition of Mauve Manticore, but we are tentatively aiming for September to give players a chance to really polish their submissions. After that, assuming the contest is running smoothly and submission volume is high enough, we will attempt to resume a close-to-monthly schedule.

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