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Discussion in 'Custom Scenarios and Boards' started by Pengw1n, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    Yeah, that's what I figured too - I just thought it was funny (and worth pointing out) that from a technical standpoint, Quirjin was correct, even if it was just a copypasta accident on BVD's end.

    BVD, I'm sorry if I made you feel like you were in the wrong or something.
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  2. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Oh, oh, oh god, thats embarrassing :oops:
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  3. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I have been asking for new custom scenario tags for ever since I found out that they existed (I literally did - I found out about them, read through them and asked the player that showed them to me if the dev's will be adding new ones) but alas they have not answered my prayers.
    My solution would be to add the noKillPoints tag because the player cant win without the dragon, and he cant win without the lizards, but he also cant win from the snipers - this also means that you can set the VP amount for the player to be the number of rounds that you want him to stand on the VP terrain.
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  4. Bluemage

    Bluemage Hydra

    I think you can sort of do the nokillpoints thing, but you have to make all of the enemies groups of minions, for ones you want only 1 of, you just have to make a group of 2 of the same character, and only make 1 spawn point. Then you can use the no minions kill points tag.

    I don't know if the same thing works with PCs, but I think so. It means each solo character has to be their own group though.
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  5. DrayGon777

    DrayGon777 Kobold

    That could work, but then the enemies would only get one attack per character. That then makes it easier to draw attacks with tougher characters so that weaker characters can move through unharassed. It is an option, though.
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  6. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    I only have MM5,7,10 and completed those. How/when do you get new ones?
  7. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    #10 should have unlocked #9 and #7 should have unlocked #6.
  8. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    I have to say, the order in which mauve manticores unlock each other is not very intuitive. I had a friend who got confused about it too, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was supposed to do to unlock the next level. Is there a handy chart or post that maps things out? If not, is there a person savvy enough to make one?
  9. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I dont understand what chart you are talking about - explain?
  10. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    Chart about how to unlock the MM maps.

    Didn't unlock for me. Anyway I can fix this?
  11. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I think all of the old players have completed MM and all the new ones either dont know we need them or are confused themselves - unless an old player makes another account, I think we will be here a while.
  12. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Predaking, looking at your account it looks like you haven't actually completed 10 yet. Can you double-check in-game?
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  13. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    If I look at the account details then you are right and they are stated as not competed. But ingame they are completed. I did 5 and 7 about 6 months ago and 10 a few weeks ago. I will do them again tomorrow and see if something happens then. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Except for MM5 (which is special), here's how they unlock:
    Completing Beneath the Frozen Earth will unlock the most recent MM.
    Completing a MM will unlock the previous one and itself (so it stays unlocked when the next one is added).

    I don't know if the "unlocks itself" fix was in place 6 months ago.
  15. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    11 was a bit off a let down. Finished on the first try w/o doing any map over. By far the easiest MM by date.
  16. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I actually thought it was a bit harder than average - definitely not the easiest MM.
    I like the first one, but goddamn it really depends on where the cameras spawn and the players draws.
  17. DipperPynes

    DipperPynes Kobold

  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

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  19. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Gentlemen, my latest idea for a Mauve Manticore submission is a series of maps and scenarios entitled "Cardstock: Heavyweight Championship" utilizing all of the big models on oversized multiplayer boards. The question is: who would you like to play as? We've played as hell mantis and melvelous before. I have another mm submission utilizing the 2 playable dragons. Should i have the dragons in the tournament? Any monsters you'd like to play as? Elder mind? Hydra? Magicker?

    @DipperPynes you have done a great job at map creation. Many of your words are confusing because the translation is bad. I'm trying to speak simply to help you.

    @Magic Elves I've been looking forward to playing you're latest submission. I hope it wins.
  20. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    I'd like to see a playable Werecake map that's not a cakewalk.

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