Mauve Manticore #15

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  1. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    If you want to use a Energize on an enemy hold in Ctrl before you click on the card.

    (You must also hold in Ctrl if you want to target an alley with an attack.)
  2. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Or just turn auto target off.
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  3. shewski

    shewski Kobold

    Ah thanks! That makes things much easier. I wasn't aware that's what auto targeting did. I look forward to checking that out on my next run.
  4. Rohndil

    Rohndil Hydra

    I'm slowly backtracking all the Mauve Manticores I missed in the past months, so far I'm loving it.

    #1 is quite boring, though I like the concept if feels like a dull version of Throne of the Mechanical Men 3.

    #2 is really nice, I beat it on my first try with some luck. Getting rid of Gnolls and Skeletons (Shredding Strike!) first seems the best bet. Then you can happily tank with your jelly.

    #3 is what every MM's third map you wish to be: "you worked hard to get here, now enjoy shooting some bugs and get your epic prize".
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  5. shewski

    shewski Kobold

    Thanks to all, I finally beat it! using Energize to draw out a sacrificial dude was key.
  6. Ludicrine

    Ludicrine Kobold

    A bit late, as usual, but I figured I'd want to announce my appreciation for the third map here.

    Mad props to BlackVoidDeath for making what I consider the most fun Mauve Manticore I've played. Up until this map I've treated MM levels as nigh-unwinnable games with little to no thought put into them - plunk a weak character or two in a field of seventeen monsters and an enemy-guarded victory space bam, that's a level, right? - but for some reason I decided to play through this one. It was on the easy side (which I loved, being someone who was so used to dying on these maps), but what I adored about it was that it seemed like there was a real use of strategy in the level design for once: the invisible spiders could prevent direct damage, so the characters had some forms of indirect damage to counter that. I started giving other MMs a shot after completing the map and, though I had a lot of trouble with most of them (more victory spaces and enemy spam! Woohoo!), I kept pushing for it, and I've currently beaten all of them up to 19 (the latest as of me writing this). So yeah, thank you very much to BlackVoidDeath for creating my favorite level so far.
  7. I absolutely adored Firepower. The hilarity of defeating those Secbots with servants was great. It is maps like this that I aspire to create. Nice work, Adajon.
    I got lucky on #2 on my first try, as the skeletons didn't get a shredding strike until my acid fiend and jelly had already slain the Gnolls and Golems.
    The third map was very easy once a laser spray got onto the field from a Rad. pulse, as all 3 chargers were able to replicate it.
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  8. Cardgon

    Cardgon Kobold

    Was the AI on the security bots in map 1 updated? I tried a few times now, and the bots consistently refuse to fire when they would hit one of their own, Gary just ends the turn in those cases or moves the bots. While this is more intelligent in itself, it makes this challenge pretty frustrating. There were maybe two occasions in three complete tries when they hit one of their own, in all other cases (and there were many) they passed. Also, I only read about the holding ctrl thing in this thread, I was irritated at first when it did not work on the hacked turret.

    edit: Nevermind, on the next try, it worked fine for about two very good hits. Then the AI went back to no friendly fire, but together with the hacked turret, it was enough. Seems really random when it decides to fire or not...
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