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  1. Stephen Sela

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    Hello I am Stephen Sela, and I want to write this thread to disclose the fact that I was both "Yanclae" and "Mar3y" in the game. I am retiring.

    I wanted to state a few things for the edifice of other blokes who spent so much time playing card hunter that they actually cared about things like renown and card hunter rating.

    First off, QuickJon you are correct about how pathetic I must be, but then again you are dead wrong about Spammer Dwarf Battle Cry/Firestarter mages are stupid! Wrong! They are awesome.

    Second, Auburn, you seem like a really decent person.

    Third, Lord Lexx I know I acted like a jerk also a jerk to other people. But I think you would make a good MSW.

    Fourth on a serious note, I was known to rage quit when opponent uses Illusory Barrier/Delegate/Impenetrable Nimbus. But those are decent cards strategically and I was just being a jerk. But I think people with a sense of fairness and decency shouldn't use "Crusher", not that I have anything against person who used it before.

    Fifth, don't expect me to read any of your posts in this forum.

    Sixth, I like the mitternacht additions, but I think that Radioactive tile/bomb kinda sucks after "Zombie Form" was included in its array. For this reason, I am somewhat indignant about using those item sets.

    Seven, gurel I think it is a pointless goal for your quest to be the best card hunter. FcxHiro is the best, but midshadow receives the award for awesomest builds.

    That is all. Please feel free to leave your comments and insults below. P.S. sorry for all the inactivity time out loses. Please reread the earlier comment about "jerk" if you are not satisfied.
  2. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    Sad to see you go! For what it's worth, I think you definitely made Cardhunter a better place. Your aggressive, all or nothing elf rushes really scare me, and other players, and influenced our deckbuilding. Your dwarven cry, fragile curse, fire wizard combo is also very difficult to play against.

    Yanclae being Mar3y made so much sense! The high-risk high reward builds I see both Mar3y and Yanclae play definitely goes hand in hand.

    Auburn is pretty awesome. Everybody knows about Lord Lexx.

    I've been a victim of your punishing strikes crusher build before, so i'm not sure about the Crusher comment.

    Zombie form only lasts two turns, and is purgeable, and has a low chance of being chosen, so i'm not sure why the fuss.

    There's a case to be made about gurel being one of the best Cardhunter players, if not the best currently active player. Few people can sustain a 80+% winrate for the entire season. FcxHiro hasn't been that consistent in the past few months. But I probably shouldn't take your comments at face definitely play this game for fun, not for seriousness!

    The community will miss you! I know at least I will.
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