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    • Every square is an enemy victory point, so the AI gains a victory point every turn. Therefore, it wins after 4 turns.
    • The AI doesn't get any kill points from killing your dogs.
    • Your dogs respawn every round. However, if both of your dogs are killed in the same round (i.e. dead at the same time), the AI wins.
    • You need to kill Fighter Unit to win.


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    I like the map, it's a nice and simple setup and it's fun playing with weak respawning monsters against one intimidating foe on a short timer. I can imagine the story here being whoever created the Fighter Unit testing it deploying Guard Dogs. Took me two tries to beat it, first time I messed up and blocked my respawn points and had poor luck with Barbed and Cowardly attack. Second time went much better, lot of Cowardly attacks and no Barbed Platemails. I guess it is random in that regard, but still a quick and enjoyable map.
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