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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by yuno44907a, Nov 16, 2017.

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    My email (3 years old) didnt get email so i had to open this account for being able to post.
    I am smartest human and we can make a better game together, i am designer i dont know code.

    Board games have to be simple for humans to calculate but a video game like pokemon can use very confusing formulas to make game more deep and realistic.

    I am sure you can code my game and you will get very rich. As you know all video games suck and we need that new game.

    Game industry mostly about forcing 8 years olds to steal money from their parents so cool graphics, easy games, nudity makes you rich.

    But we will make a game that we will love and we are 40 years old. If you want to be rich you can make a game that look like Blade and Soul, and it is very easy to code a child game like that because they use very basic tools for coding it.

    Cardhunter is old, why dont we make a new one?
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    had a few good laughs. Wanna be rich? Your move, Jon.
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  3. yuno44907a

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    There is a game called Monster Park and that game only made for gaining money. It is a very funny game you must look at it. Full pay to win.
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    I hope I can be this sagacious when I reach the age of 40.
  5. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    You are just trolling this forum.

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