Mad Dog Defeat - still glitched?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Founder, Jun 1, 2018.

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    This is a repost of an earlier and well-known glitch, but it still seems to be active and I can't see any recent posts about it.

    In-game username: Founder
    • Ranked match.
    • Both me and opponent have one character left.
    • My character has Mad Dog attachment.
    • Opponent has < 10 HP.
    • My character is slain (with a bash, if that makes a difference?), triggering Mad Dog and killing the opponent's character. Opponent's character dies first.
    • I get up to 6 stars first. The match ends with the opponent on 4 stars.
    • I get a defeat screen, then my rating goes down.
    • I'm taken to the loot screen, where I get a basic chest with nothing in it (my next reward was due to be a gold chest).
    • Upon returning to the multiplayer menu, I see that my loot progress has been reset and I'm back to the first chest.
    • I refresh the game, and am asked if I want to rejoin the match in progress. I click 'yes' and am taken to a jammed defeat screen with the loading spinner going round permanently. This screen still shows me on 6 stars and the opponent on 4.
    • I refresh again, and my loot track is back where it's meant to be, but my rating has still gone down.

    I thought this had been fixed, which is why I deliberately tried to get the win by triggering Mad Dog. Apparently not.

    How is this supposed to work?

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