Lord Stafford Tries: Terminating a Contract

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    Lord Stafford is a curious man of curious tastes. Cardhuntria is a land rich in absurdities, and Lord Stafford claims to have seen them all. To the common eye he is naught but a haughty, pampered noble, but few would suspect how deep his depraved desires delve.

    As a high-profile shareholder in Acquisitions Incorporated, Lord Stafford is ever concerned with the bottom line, maximizing his dividends. As such he is dissatisfied with the current lax and inefficient HR policy of the company. For Lord Stafford it's all too much red tape and paperwork, he prefers more proactive methods. It's time to lay off some employees and for heads to roll.

    It's time for a well-executed execution!


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    That was easy.

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