Lord Stafford Tries: A Day At The Casino

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    Lord Stafford is a curious man of curious tastes. Cardhuntria is a land rich in absurdities, and Lord Stafford claims to have seen them all. To the common eye he is naught but a haughty, pampered noble, but few would suspect how deep his depraved desires delve.

    Tired of the daily humdrum of managing his vast estates, Lord Stafford has decided it's time for a nice evening of fun at Lichard's Cardhuntrian Royal Casino. Life is cheap in this casino and only the elite of the elite dare show their faces here. There are many games Stafford has enjoyed here, including Boulder Bowling and Virtual Oozeball, but his favourite has always been Roulette.

    But what bad luck! It seems your opponent at the Roulette table is none other than Lord Stafford's disenfranchised cousin, Lord Batford! Oh, the many humiliations he made you go through on your tenth birthday! There's only room for one Ford in Cardhuntria, and you're eager to prove you're the one!

    Bonne chance!


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    Beat on second attempt. First attemp tried to play tactically but wery boring figuring out which servants were mine. Second attempt mostly just used roulette.
  4. You know what would be fun?
    If for each lord you replaced one set of guests with cameras and a death elemental with the Captain.

    If that is not enough, just add respawning.
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    I get what you're getting at, as the game goes on there's less and less Guests and the odds of either Stafford or Batford biting the dust increases when the Guests don't respawn, but I'm actually rather fond of that, it suits the idea of ridiculous roulette randomness rather well, like scoring the jackpot for hitting the same target twice. :p
  6. It's a funny themed and well designed map, but no MM material imho, because it relies heavily on luck and it may take too long to complete. But that doesn't make it less fun. Just seeing those guests, I want to throw a rad bomb (and hope for multiple festering guts and mad dogs) or add some security robots.
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    Haha, I definitely have no intention to submit any "Lord Stafford Tries" map to MM, they're indeed made to be funnily themed and flavourful rather than be serious PvE/PvP maps. :p
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