Loot Fairy Twice In One Day

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  1. Sniffensnort

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    It appears that one can find the Loot Fairy twice in one "day". Can someone test this theory?
    The loot fairy changes location once every 25 hours.

    How to get Loot Fairy twice in one day:
    1. Find the Loot Fairy within the first hour of the Loot Fairy changing position.
    2. Find the Loot Fairy again on the 25th hour (i.e. within an hour of the loot fairy changing position again).
    Usually the Loot Fairy is not located within the first hour after changing position.
    Trying to play adventure twice in the first 24 hours gives a warning about not being able to get the Loot Fairy twice in one day.
    However, in the Last Hour (25th hour), the warning is not given, and the Loot Fairy can be found again in the same adventure.

    Please verify.
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  2. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    (copied from my post here)

    Loot fairy is checked when you finish the module, but exhaustion is only checked when you log in. So....

    Double Dip:
    wait for someone to find LF
    get it
    log in again after reset
    get it again

    Triple Dip:
    (when LF moves at same time as reset)
    log in before reset
    stay logged in until someone finds LF
    get LF
    get LF again
    wait till next reset
    get LF the third time

    I should add that "reset" is when the server removes exhaustion from modules, and happens at midnight UTC. Type "/when" in chat to see what time it is on the server (the server ignores daylight savings).
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  3. Kalin

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    EDIT: Oops, wrong thread.
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