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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Mar 13, 2014.

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    I will probably fully delete the old LF website from my hosting account in the next few days, as a heads-up. I'm glad to see things are in good hands with battlezoby, and I'm sorry an alternative daily login bonus—or just a better-implemented Loot Fairy—has yet to make it into the game.
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    The new tracker ( http://ln.to/lfg or http://text.ln.to/lfg ) should now be working again.

    Because the new tracker used to mirror and merge Flaxative's site, we rushed to remove that when we saw the announcement that his would be coming down. Although the new tracker was already designed to account for problems with Flax's site, we wanted to remove potent lag on the new tracker should it try to check his website and wait for something that wasn't there anymore...

    In the process, we accidently introduced a new bug, which, again, should be fixed now.

    BTW... I really hope the Flaxative's announce above isn't the harbinger of the Loot Fairy going away or get changed to something more trivial...

    If you read this thread, starting with page 1, you'll see that the Loot Fairy has a long history and really helped to bring the community together.

    It's much more than just a map that happens once per day - it's a good motivation for doing all the maps co-op until you find him (because many players don't want to "risk" hitting him while not playing co-op because that results in lessor rewards.) And doing that over the years, [at least for me] has led to making long-term friendships with some of the most (or possibly "the most") devoted PvE players in Cardhuntria.

    I'm not sure, but I think several of the most dedicated LF hunters are still often willing to co-op with other players in order to search for him, giving comparatively newer players a chance to do the adventures co-op with them. (Note: If co-op players tell you to "learn how to pass", I've posted a thread on "How to Pass" on these forums somewhere.)
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    Far from it!
    Nothing I do or say should be taken as indicative of any future plans of TKOU's. I'm taking this step because it is outdated, and because I have left the team.
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    Tracker is down.
    LF is at Order of the Core

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