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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Mar 13, 2014.

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  3. Bandreus

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    GA Qualifiers

  4. UpstartPuppet

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    Qualifiers I:
    Smoked Nauticorn

    Qualifiers II:
    Nothing spectacular from Looty, but a Wild Trickery dropped after the first round.

    On a sidenote, I've been playing for a month. (Not counting a short flirtation with card hunter during beta, on a since forgotton account) I know, because I just re-upped my club membership. Today after much cursing and retrying, I finally beat Black Plume Mountain. The RNG decided to reward my loyalty with a Jannivol's Shield in my first club slot, post renewal. :D
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  5. Jarmo

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  6. haho

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    not sure where to ask this b/c its just a general question about loot. I'm sure it has been asked many times, but does the adventure level determine the type of loot a person gets? for example if i play wizard's workshop, could i get an item drop that is level 12? or would i have to play level 12 adventures to get level 12 drops? I guess I'm wondering if each adventure has a chance to drop every type of item.
  7. Astropsica

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    If I'm not mistaken, you can get items +2 or -2 of the adventure level.
  8. Scarponi

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    Close, but not quite. This, and questions like this, can find their answers in the FAQ and Glossary. For this one trying looking up the word "loot."
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  9. BlackVoidDeath

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    looty @ Secret of the gnome lords

    URRR(Et) - yay am i first to find looty today? :D
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  10. Kalin

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    Looks that way. I marked the tracker for you.

    Qualifiers #2: UtURtR(R)
    Secret #1: UUtRtR(R)
  11. BlackVoidDeath

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    I wish Flax would give me the password and username :( - after all i have just proven myself worthy :p
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  13. Robauke

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  14. BlackVoidDeath

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    Phase 2: Getting wreaked by players.
  15. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    SotGL #1: UtURR(R)
    SotGL #2: URRR(R)

    At least it was the shorter and more fun of the Gnome adventures.
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  17. UpstartPuppet

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  19. BlackVoidDeath

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    "My torch will guide our path!" says Gnome 1
    "Why dont you hide that thing before we get crushed and it gets taken off us?" says Gnome 2
    "Nah, its fine the player will ragequit in the first scenario because its so hard, even though it uses elves" says Gnome 1
    2 minutes later, Gnome 1's head on floor "SHT"
    ↑ is what i imagine happened ↑
    UUEL(Rt) - i guess looty gave me better loot for finding it first! - oh, thats an idea! epic: St. Bethan's Charm and i think everyone guessed the legendary:- St. Pascal's Torch! woo!
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  20. Sir Veza

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    LF is at The Compass of Xorr.
    I got diddly.

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