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  1. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    URRR(R) @ 1st Lord Stafford's Treasure
    URRE(R) @ 2nd Lord Stafford's Treasure

    Trickster's Blade
  2. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    2nd Stafford - URRR(R)
  3. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    NOTICE - For those who haven't already realized, this upcoming next fairy move is the easiest chance for a triple-dip.

    1) Load the client sometime before 00:00 UTC but wait until after 00:00 to start playing adventures. Do not refresh or close the game until you've gotten the LF at its new location.
    2) After achieving the LF at the new location the first time, refresh your web browser to reload the client and get the adventures reset. Play the LF adventure again to get your second helping.
    3) Refresh/reload and play the adventure a 3rd time between June 30th 00:00 and 01:00 UTC to get your 3rd take.

    Good luck!
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  4. Squidy

    Squidy Hydra

    Gladiators Qualif

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  5. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

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  6. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Stafford #2: 8 U elf skill 9 R human skill 9 R human skill 9 E treasure 6 R shield
    Qualifiers #1: 9 U boots, 9 R arcane skill, 9 R elf skill, 8 E divine weapon, (9 L shield)
    Qualifiers #2: 9 U divine skill, 9 R divine item, 9 R divine item, 9 R martial skill, (9 R robes)
    Handcrafted Pipe, Rapier Of Misfortune, Ichabod's Buckler
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  7. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

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  8. Najzeko

    Najzeko Kobold

  9. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

  10. rowspower

    rowspower Goblin Champion

  11. zwergonfire

    zwergonfire Kobold

    I honestly can't think of a worse legendary. My extreme condolences. D:
  12. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

  13. wavy

    wavy Thaumaturge

  14. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I'm baaaaaaack did I miss anything was there vandalism? <3
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  15. Najzeko

    Najzeko Kobold

    One case where some guy trolled us with the cockroaches... 2-3 pages back

    4 words. Ring Of Bifurcated Healing

    Oh. And don't get me started on Mandaeus's Aegis
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  16. Najzeko

    Najzeko Kobold

    URRR(R) @Gladitorial Arena, Qualifiers
  17. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    Gladiator Qualifiers
    3) UURR(L) 9999(5) 1 uncommon treasure + Dwarven Panatellas This legendary treasure is a double for me, which is nice, but I have a fondness for cigars, so...
  18. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    2nd GAQ - UURR(R)
    Welcome back, Flax!
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  19. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Gladiatorial Arena Finals
    2x Rare treasure and I'm not sure what else. Wasn't paying attention sorry.
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  20. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Qualifiers #3: 7 U shield, 7 R divine armor, 9 R shield, 9 E arcane skill, (10 R arcane item)
    Finals #1: 9 R treasure, 9 R arcane item, 9 R divine item, 9 E boots, (5 R treasure)
    Sharp Flames, Argo's Boots

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