List this build's shortcomings [2x priest 1x warrior]

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Mitkar98, May 12, 2020.

  1. Mitkar98

    Mitkar98 Kobold

    numbah 1
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 19 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest
  2. TheIvyX

    TheIvyX Orc Soldier

    Your whole build is super vulnerable to control from Wizards. There is a large lack of movement cards from your Warrior which basically means that your Run card that you get every turn is your most valuable card. Bejeweled Shortsword is a great item for pure damage, but how will you deal that damage if the enemy isn't right next to you?

    You're using tokens unwisely on some of the items. Focused Positioning is better swapped out for Subtle Positioning, Unrelenting Boots ought to replaced for tokenless boots or bring another Aegis Of The Defender and use the minor power token on your boots.

    There's also some items that are better replaced by alternatives. There are obvious legendary items like Snarlcub Hide but even epic ones like Vollmond Boots or Mouse Boots are better. The current boots on your characters provide very little utility, movement, and usage within your decks.
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  3. Mitkar98

    Mitkar98 Kobold

    thanks a lot for the heads up! i didnt have another aegis of the defender at the time of posting this, but i do now. as for movement on warrior, i'll replace one shortsword with Vibrant Pain and yes vollmond boots is a welcome change indeed. As for snarlcub hide, no luck yet in procuring it.

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