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Which "class" do you align with the most?

  1. Warrior

  2. Rogue

  3. Wizard

  1. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

  2. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    Hello all,

    Edd here, based in the United Kingdom (at least until Scotland decides whether it wants to leave or not and we have to come up with a different name). I've been following Card Hunter since it was mentioned for the first time in Penny Arcade, probably back in about August or September 2011.

    With two older brothers I was raised on a diet of the SNES, Games Workshop games and Fighting Fantasy books from an early age, before I got the chance to play D&D and Exalted at university. These days I mainly play card and board games, the specifics of which can be found Megadestructo's Board Games thread.

    I also get paid to play with lasers, which is pretty sweet since I'd happily do it for free... Don't tell my employers that though :p
  3. Truhlsrohk

    Truhlsrohk Kobold

    Jeremy here, always prefer the magic side of things and bows (the arrow type not the hair type.....), Love dragons too.... Just wish this game would hurry up and be published or at least let me beta play so I can give away the Skyrim.............
  4. A88mph

    A88mph Mushroom Warrior

    Ok, then I'll just repost my intro here then.

    Hi, I'm A88mph. You might have heard of me from various other places on the internet, as this is also my name on Youtube, and every other major site I use.

    I read about this game though an articasl in Gameinformer's latest magazine saying you guys were seeking beta testers. I look forward to helping in that when my time comes.
  5. Robert bird

    Robert bird Kobold

    The name is Robert. I live in Seymour Indiana USA. Cannot wait until I get a beta invite (wink, wink).
  6. CletusVanDamme

    CletusVanDamme Mushroom Warrior

    Hello, I'm Dave. I'm a thirty year old care worker from Manchester, Eng-er-land, and I live with the missus and the dog. I started following this game after TB's PAX coverage last year. I like games of all kinds and am currently playing Skyrim again (in preparation for ESO!), a good amount of Borderlands 2 in four player co-op and a lot of cooperative board games.
  7. AntEyeHero

    AntEyeHero Kobold

    Morning all, reposting my intro post here as the other thread was locked shortly after I posted in it. (><;)

    My name's Anthony, 31 yr old from Philadelphia, PA. Have a heavy, heavy RPG background, I've been gaming roughly since I was 6 or so.
    (D&D 1st edition, all the way through the boards, cards, and consoles to Xbox360 Skyrim, BL2, etc.) Look forward to chatting with more of you as I'll pop in and out daily just to check threads, while I'm praying for a beta key.

    Should probably mention that Game Informer's recent article on this is what lured me in, as I love the idea of tabletop style gaming, meeting and seemingly clashing quite well with card based play. (I'm in utter awe of what I've seen thus far, so I pray this is at least moderately successful as a BluManchu endeavor.)

    Til next post, cheers all, was nice meeting all of you. :D

    *points below* Sorry Mega, you caught me sleepin. (><)
  8. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Those posts have been merged if you took a gander at this thread :p
  9. Krunchies

    Krunchies Kobold

    Hello All... Lured by Game Informer as well. Game looks amazing... Really excited to follow it... Love tabletop gaming, card, and video games. Would surely a opportunity to Beta.
  10. Keith

    Keith Kobold

    Hi Keith here, 31, IT Pharmacist

    Watched a lot of the Youtube Videos, very excited about this game!! Can't wait for a shot at beta! Its a great concept
  11. Best place to keep it is on the dresser next to your bed so it can watch over you while you sleep and you can lay down and wake to it every day.
  12. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Much has changed since I posted that. For one, my Lone Wolf books (what started the discussion) have now come with me to my current place of residence. I could technically put those on a dresser and achieve a slightly-less-damaging effect.

    For another, well, there are cats here. Sadly, cats and H. P. Lovecraft novels . . .
  13. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    Hello i am evil incarnate it is very nice to meet you all.... What you think just because i am evil i can't be polite?
  14. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    Holy **** this thread is big, how did I miss this.....

    Hello, they call me Benjamin. I am from switzerland and I am a librarian. I love to read and play videogames. I also love movies, music, tabletopgaming, wargaming and LARP. Im a bit of a nerd.

    Right now, I'm invested in a lot of games. Some of them are Systemshock 2, Dead Space 3, Asuras Wrath and Ages of Wonder: Shadow Magic as well as a lot of Awesomenauts and Dota2. I am also participant in 2 Earthdawn sessions, 1 WoD Session and one Red Sands Campaign. Nice to meet you all.
  15. Ez2bBad

    Ez2bBad Kobold

    Hey O. In games people call me Ez or Namru and my favorite class to play in any game is the Wizard/Mage type class. Hope to see you guys in game :)
  16. Gabbek

    Gabbek Orc Soldier

    Hello everyone. Everyone calls me Gabbek or rabbit for short in gaming communities. I'm long time gamer of all kinds - sadly only PC user. I love to read, watch movies, listen to music and generally speaking I'm into psychology. In games I love playing supportive role - rather support fellow players than be the one leading them. I've enjoyed healing the most in my long career of MMO games. I'm always seeking for new and challenging games - rather powergamer myself I love to theorycraft and sometimes I come up with crazy results. My motto in life is: as long as you're smiling, you're doing the right thing. Hope to get to know all of you much better! :)
  17. barbalatte

    barbalatte Mushroom Warrior

    Hi! Im Mikael from sweden, I like strategy games and play alot of japanese chess.
  18. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

  19. Gabbek

    Gabbek Orc Soldier

    Stalker of Century.
  20. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    Isn't Shogi referenced as japanese chess? Go is more a game of his own...

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