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Which "class" do you align with the most?

  1. Warrior

  2. Rogue

  3. Wizard

  1. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    well...given the rate at which games go from production to release to the trash can...some tend to bypass the "have been" stage entirely :p
  2. advkow

    advkow Kobold

    Well I'm from American and think this looks really promising. I guess I'm hoping to have large parties and such and would love to see lots of classes and races and to utizlie an entire team of characters?
  3. Gumbyfan

    Gumbyfan Kobold

  4. Xaphedo

    Xaphedo Kobold

    Hello there, everyone, my name's Xaphedo. I'm a young piece of an Italian, being 16; I started playing D&D since I was a ******ed child and eventually understood what I was actually doing. And, believe me or not, I've always been a Dungeon Master until the past year, when I realized it was draining all of my time away. So I became a player... it sucks, it really does.
    I don't know why I'm doing this intruduction, since you, who are reading this now, won't remember a single damn about me anyway. But, since most of the members seem to be clustered here, I didn't see why not to join the party.

    Well, because you seem to be boasting about your D&D themed deeds, let me unashamedly tell you that, just to get my first two real manuals, I went all the way to Naples and then to Pise, coming from the other side of Italy. After that I got tired and, when I needed other manuals, I just downloaded the crap out of them.
    My name is Xaphedo, and this, is my story.[/quote]
  5. Hallas

    Hallas Mushroom Warrior

    After first discovering Card Hunter at PAX, I've been following pretty closely now. There is without a doubt I'll be playing and recommending this game to others as the design is great and something pretty unique. I'll probably be doing some lurking around the forums and twitter, maybe some occasional posts!
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  6. Michael

    Michael Mushroom Warrior

    Just a heads up if you're in Australia, it's now my birthday.
    21 today, hoo-rah.
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  7. Ystin

    Ystin Orc Soldier

    Well happy birthday!
  8. Magnificent Bastard

    Magnificent Bastard Mushroom Warrior

    I'm 27 and play a lot of games. I especially enjoy casual turn-based games but I play a wide range of titles.
  9. inkBot

    inkBot Kobold

    Gamer from Sweden here. Forever a rogue (though in our current PF game I'm playing a Samurai/Iaijutsu Master/Sohei Monk/Dervish Dancer Bard... yeah. Multiclass!) .

    Have played all manners of games and have been a PnP RPG player since my first year of University, so I started late.
    Been gamemastering for as long as I've been playing RPG's too. I have played some card games. Though Magic and Pokemon (which when I played it was just Magic with a coat of paint heh) are the only CCG ones.

    Other than play games, I make games, draw, and mess around with music.
  10. DarkDain

    DarkDain Goblin Champion

    Always depends on the game for me but usually not rogue or archer. Somewhere between warrior and wizard, sometimes cleric, maybe paladin if its available. Long time gamer <3 dungeon crawlers and card games alike, hooray!
  11. SeanContra

    SeanContra Kobold

    Hello everyone. I'm new to card-based battle RPGs and I've never played Dungeons and Dragons.
    The only thing that I've played that's ever come close to something like Card Hunter was this game called Spectromancer and it was kinda fun. As for RPGs, I've played Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and some regular Final Fantasy games, but that's just it. Card Hunter looks completely alien to me and it seems like NOTHING I've ever played. Yet, I'm interested and I really wish to give it a go. It's got this... medieval sword and sorcery charm to it and I'm a complete sucker for things like that.
    I hope the game come comes out soon : )
  12. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Good thing that the person who opened this thread has such a cheerful smiling face. Not to mention brightly-colored and thus more visible--it looks like we're welcoming quite a lot of new folks these days.

    Welcome! I look forward to blowing all of you up in a magical conflagration of death and spiky metal bits.
  13. SolomonFlame

    SolomonFlame Kobold

    Hi guys, I'm a veteran gamer and pub stomper :D I've played tons of RPGs, done some campaigning, and love card games <3 I look forward to meeting you all on the fields of battle XD (though it looks like most of you will come at me from behind with a knife O_O)
  14. dezerter69

    dezerter69 Kobold

    Hello I`m dezerter from Poland , Dezerters english be no good ,but Dezerter will try be good :p
    Is anyone from Poland ?

    Short about me. I realy love video games but I don`t play much becouse I don`t find game that was for me. And then I saw film from PAX and I was fall in love in this game. That game is that what i need to be happy from game. I only need 2 thing in this game co-op and some fight 2vs2 or 3vs3 but that only my dream. Now I`m waitng on mail with information that I`m beta tester.

  15. DarkDain

    DarkDain Goblin Champion

    Ooops, i came here to look on the first day but forgot to actually write anything...
    I'm Cody from Oregon, long time gamer but have never actually played pen and paper D&D, just stuff like baulders gate and neverwinter nights and DDO, also a fan of strategy/tactics/card games and mmorpgs.
    Currently juggling BL2, GW2, Captain Forever and a few others. Looking for other Dwarven players !
  16. steve cashman

    steve cashman Kobold

    hi all, long time D&D player, look foward to killing you all :)
  17. keg4

    keg4 Kobold

    Hi i'm keg4 and i love bacon! (plus i live in Alaska)
  18. Zolof Kimblee

    Zolof Kimblee Mushroom Warrior

    My name is Xeno
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before
    If you hear something late at night
    Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight
    Just don't ask me what it was
    ...maybe i was trying to get through your air vent, so what?

    Srsly, I'm Martin
    I stumbled upon the site some time ago, as Total Buiscuit made a video about the PAX demo. Checked for news without contributing since then. Since there's no clue about a release of this game or the open beta, i decided i might as well go for a key beforehand.

    Tried some different cardfocused f2p games, started with Warstorm and such. But the centre of those games is the competition paired with a pay4power model, which i wasn't into. I consider myself kind of cheap when it comes to micropayments. I always try to get the most of what the game gives me from the basics, before i would invest money/more time. Most of the systems barebones are just not enough.

    Zone: Germany
    That's about it.
  19. Roshirai

    Roshirai Goblin Champion

    I saw this and thought it might be time for a history lesson. :)
  20. AntEyeHero

    AntEyeHero Kobold

    Hi people, I'm AntEyeHero, after my xbox gamertag of the same name. And like A88mph, I also stumbled upon this through my Game Informer reading. I'm more than intrigued by the idea of tabletop (I use the term loosely) gaming meeting a playable card game. Again, like A88mph, I picked up on the fact that you're looking for beta players, so consider this my plea for acceptance! ( :D ) Until the time where I meet more of you, I'll close for now. Nice meeting all of you - and hope to see ya sooner than later.

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