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Which "class" do you align with the most?

  1. Warrior

  2. Rogue

  3. Wizard

  1. Kaltorak

    Kaltorak Kobold

    Hi to all, I am Umberto Pignatelli, known on the web as Kaltorak.
    I live in Turin (Italy).

    I play a lots of games (board, ccg, wargames) but my biggest love are pen and paper RPG.
    Oh, I write some of them, too. If you play Savage Worlds maybe you know me.

    I choose the Warrior, but also the Rogue sounds intriguing (I cannot resist dangerous looking women with sharp blades :)).
  2. Olothontor

    Olothontor Kobold

    Well hello there! I'm Keith, otherwise known as Olothontor (or Olly to those who know me online).

    I play a ton of different pencil'n'paper RPGs; Pathfinder, L5R, 7th Sea, Scion, Call of Cthullhu, Savage Worlds (nice to meet you, Kaltorak)... you name it, and I've probably at least heard of it, if not played it.

    I'm definitely a Warrior guy myself, although I find all of the others fun to play. It's interesting to see the differences across various games and genres, too.
  3. Looptid

    Looptid Kobold

    Hi everyone,
    I found out about this brilliant looking game through a tweet by Tycho Brahe (Jerry Holins from Penny Arcade) and I am super excited to see how this game turns out. Pairing Magic and D&D does for my brain what chocolate and peanut butter do for my taste buds. I love boardgames, card games, and I'm a novice DM. Looking forward to being a part of this community.
  4. BFenix

    BFenix Kobold

    Hello everyone, BFenix here from Portugal! (any tugas around?)
    I cant remember how I found out about Card Hunter, but Im damn glad I did!
    What can I say? Im a student, regretful of not choosing the Arts Course. I like music. Listening, playing and writing, mainly heavy stuff. I like to play video/board/war games, having a taste for PnP (Print and Play). Im also majorly fond of writing, reading and drawing.
    High expectations for this game and its developing team seems great, having participated also in other games which I really enjoyed. The art work's cartoonish look is very appealing IMO, kudus for Ben Lee and all others.
    I hope I can help out in the making anyway I can.

    Cheers! ~BFenix
  5. Piratecat

    Piratecat Blue Manchu

    Hi, folks! I'm Kevin Kulp, your new designer. Based in Boston Massachusetts, I'm working with Jon and Dorian Hart to help wrangle the war monkeys / inappropriately fondle a giant pile of magical loot / craft and develop Card Hunter. It's great to meet you.

    My focus at the moment is on world creation and story development. That means I'm surrounded by Basic and 1e D&D modules, hip deep in hex maps and sketching out the landscape and design of Card Hunter's history. The strongest game mechanics may fall a little flat without good story context and a world history that makes for good adventuring.
  6. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Piratecat, I just followed your signature line link. I also read through to page 2. "And it turned out that Gary was running us through the first dungeon he ever created. And using his original d20 to do it."

    Tell your grandkids.
  7. Aerozol

    Aerozol Kobold

    Hey all, I'm from NZ, in my last year of studying design/ major project- heavily leaning on game design.
    I'm a computer gamer rather than a desktop gamer, and got drawn into this because of the way this seems to be blurring the lines between the two forms (something I'm looking at for school), as well as the amazing tactile art style.
    Looking forward to where this goes!
  8. sokolov

    sokolov Mushroom Warrior

    Hi hi, sokolov here! Love card games, love board games, love RPGs... so this is a perfect marriage, right?

    I am a Game Designer by trade, used to work on SoE's Pox Nora, and now I am working for TinyCo making mobile games!

    This game is looking really good. The Dev Dairies have shown me the developers are building on solid principles while innovating, but also performing the most important of game design - iteration!
  9. BigSmurf

    BigSmurf Kobold

    Smurf here from Germany. Experienced MTG player from the old days, love Browser Games, Fantasy RPG (Pen & Paper too), Card Games and therefore cant expect to test Card Hunter! Right now it makes an impressive first IMpression to me....
  10. RFHolloway

    RFHolloway Kobold

    Richard here - another MTG player from the old days (gave up around Ice Age) - maths geek and general games nut.
  11. mightymushroom

    mightymushroom Goblin Champion


    I like to go by mightymushroom (it's a sort of pun on my real name), and, unlike most of you, I have never played any collectible card games*. Or pencil-and-paper RPGs. In part that's because I'm introverted by nature and never knew anyone in my immediate circle to play with -- I enjoy the idea of both and I signed up because I want in on this game!

    Nice to meet you,

    *with the un-notable exception of a game with a cousin who had a starter Yu-Gi-Oh deck, which we split between us.
  12. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Done any gamebooks? (Single-player pencil-and-paper RPG's.) Done any multiplayer games of a similar sort online?
  13. mightymushroom

    mightymushroom Goblin Champion

    I do have a fair bit of experience with single-player RPGs on the computer, so the core concepts behind building a deck/character/party aren't entirely foreign to me. And, come to think of it, I did do several gamebooks (Lone Wolf and others), so I guess that does count for something. It's the multiplayer aspect that I'm totally new with.
  14. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Oh, good. Guess what sorts of books I have in a big box in my closet back home. Go on, guess.
  15. mightymushroom

    mightymushroom Goblin Champion

    I guess... Little House on the Prairie? Donald Duck comics? :p

    My Lone Wolf books are in my bookcase, right next to my chair as I type this. Much of my entertainment is digital nowadays, but the bookcase (cases, actually!) and its contents were there first. The computer desk is a tight squeeze.
  16. SurgeonFish

    SurgeonFish Automaton Moderator Staff Member

    hp lovecraft
  17. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Sorry, that's out on a shelf. In plain sight at all times.
  18. A Bear

    A Bear Goblin Champion

    Guess I should post in here, now that I can't get away from watching this game develop!

    Right now I'm a US law student, who has kept his interest in games even spending most of my days where fun goes to die. I used to play some CCGs (MtG, Pokemon, MLBShowdown, etc.) and digital RPGs (Baldur's Gate, NWN), and was lucky enough to get into some pen-and-paper stuff quite recently after wanting to for a while.

    I picked wizard--wizards are cool.
  19. weaselfeet

    weaselfeet Kobold

    Hey I'm Weaselfeet.
    Like many here I'm a bit of a full spectrum gamer, started with the game books that Sir Knight and MM mention (Nice to see I am not alone in still holding on to these, I still have a bunch of Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson's books) and went on to pen n paper rpgs, pc, console, card (lotsa MTG) and recently a bit of a resurgence into board games (Dominion, Arkham Horror, Talisman etc). Even a bit of pbem with Solium Infernum.
    Card Hunter certainly has my attention :)

    Nice to meet you all and see you around the forums.
  20. sokolov

    sokolov Mushroom Warrior

    Ah, Dominion. Played that one a bit too much and got burned out, but it's really quite fantastic.

    P.S. Chancellor is best!

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