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Which "class" do you align with the most?

  1. Warrior

  2. Rogue

  3. Wizard

  1. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    That's too bad, I was going to have you send me one, I hear they get great gas mileage!
  2. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Hehe talking about elephants I used to ride on them when I was on holiday in Thailand!
    Very nice country and welcome to the forums!
  3. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    That just sounds like a blast. My wife was in Sri-Lanka for some church trip well before we got married and got to pet some baby elephants there - Don't think she got to ride any though.
  4. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Having those kind of wonderful experience by traveling around is very precious. Perhaps you should try it as well ^^.
  5. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    When we actually have money and the kids are a little older (they are 2.5 and 4 right now) - we do plan on a lot of traveling. I want to see Ireland and maybe tour the castles in Europe. That will be a while yet :)
  6. realmsgamer

    realmsgamer Kobold

    Boy this game has got me giddy. The way it is being presented makes replay value go through the roof! Love to game, love to meet gamers. So HELLO! I look forward to playing with you all.
  7. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Nice! I know France have alot of castles and HUGE ones.
    If you go to the southern part of Spain there are even old Arabian castles that are still fully intact!

    Likewise realmsgamer!
  8. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    Pop over to North East England after doing Ireland, I can see a castle from my office, three more within an hours drive and a shedload of Roman / Viking sites of interest in the same area.
  9. garfield

    garfield Kobold

    Hey everyone I'm Garfield. I saw people talking about this game online and it looked very interesting. I have never played a table top game like D&D before so I thought that being apart of the forum will reduce my noobyness (its a word now). I look forward to with playing with you all.
  10. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    Geeze, between you and hopibear - I really can't wait till we can start visiting these places! It's only a few more years, right?

    Welcome :) So far we are a pleasant bunch of folk. Just don't feed us after midnight or get us wet! We are all eagerly awaiting any and all information from the devs :)
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  11. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    Depends if you can persuade the kids that castles are cooler than DisneyWorld, I think. I suggest getting them to play that new 'Card Hunter' game I've heard so much about! ;)
  12. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    I think a round trip to Ireland would cost less than one ticket at those Disney resorts :p My four year old really enjoys playing Terraria - doesn't quite get it all, but he likes running around killing stuff and digging paths. By the time Card Hunter comes out and has Coop, I'm sure we'll be all over that :)
  13. Kvothe_Rocks!

    Kvothe_Rocks! Kobold

    Hello Folks,
    I am an Okie, but not from Muskogee for those of you who will get that movie reference.. I have been around D&D since its inception but have stuck with the PC versions instead of the pen and paper. I am an avid PC, Console and Board-Gamer when the opportunities present themselves to play. I played several CCGs starting with the second version or update to MTG and stuck with that for several years. I recently picked up a revised old classic that really is a fresh and fun take on its older version - BattleShip Galaxies! But I am most excited about this game. Dont really know why since I have seen so few screenshots but what I have seen rocks and the creativity really shows through.
  14. Kawaiido

    Kawaiido Kobold

    Hello, name's Kawaiido.

    I'm a casual gamer, trying to get my blog out their on gaming from and for the casual end to help support myself and family members to help financially (being a full time college student can suck).

    I'd say caster class, BUT depending on how resource heavy it is in games I would go the Rouge route.
  15. Becks

    Becks Kobold

    Hey Everyone! To start off, I imagine I'd pick a caster class but I'm not terribly sure. I tend to favor more of the druid-ish type nature powers over a fiery or frosty mage, so maybe the Elf Rogue would be more up my alley.. Who knows for sure, but I do seem to usually play ranged characters in games.

    Anyway, I've always been intrigued by card based games. I've played MTG before, but mainly just on the recent PC iterations of the game. I did actually really get into a CCG called Magi-Nation Duel about 10 years ago, but the game went out of print. :/ Also, I've never played any sort of table top games either, so you'll all have to bare with me on missing references, etc..

    So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what Blue Manchu has in store for us. I'm loving that the game will be solely based on cards. Ever since I saw the advertisement for this on RPS I've been hooked! Can't wait for some more information!!
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  16. Rising Zan

    Rising Zan Mushroom Warrior

    Yo! I think i will flip a coin for either Warrior or Rouge, though probably not caster. I tend to like either high damage dealing that can avoid damage or balance attack and defense that can attract enemies all around him and just spin attacks all around him.

    I really like TCG games but always end up falling behind becuase of money troubles or that new edition that came out that makes my current deck obsolete, so ive been recently been playing browser based TCG games like Urban Rivals though i realized the depth of skill and strategy was very shallow in them. I'm also a great big fan or Role-Playing Games from D&D to Dragon Quest games. So when i heard about this game i was automatically hooked.

    I'm really looking forward to both the browser based and possible physical release of this game and would really like to get in on the beta for it.
  17. secran

    secran Mushroom Warrior

    I'm disappointed in myself for not having posted here sooner.
    I write, I paint models, and other such things. But at my core, I am a gamer.
    The wife and I are games collectors, board game, rpg, ccg, most everything. Started with ccgs, then miniature games of the collectible variety, and now primarily play board games and RPGs. Still love the sound of ripping open boosters, just don't like having to fork over large piles of cash to remain competitive.
    I usually player caster classes, and the name 'Secran' has been tied to a warlock I played for a long time(world of warcraft), but my current 4e d&d game has me saddled with a tanking swordmage.
  18. Indigo

    Indigo Kobold


    My name is Indigo and I chose warrior. Mad props to the other 8 who chose that as well ;)

    I'm an avid board game geek and CCG nerd. My favorite CCG was Magi Nation Duel and I am super looking forward to cardhunter! Cheers~
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  19. Jedimus

    Jedimus Kobold

    Greetings! I be Jedimus, PC gamer extraordinaire and boardgames aficionado. Previous CCG experience - MtG Online, but looking to expand into some of the recent LCG games from FFG (AGoT, Cthulhu, etc). This game seems right up my alley and I can't wait to give it a spin.
  20. Running_Man

    Running_Man Kobold

    Hey, everybody! I'm a military brat currently living in North Carolina. It's nice, but home for me is Anchorage, Alaska.
    My first card game was Pokemon (if that counts). From there, I moved on to Yu-Gi-Oh!, then to Magic: The Gathering, and now my game of choice is Munchkin.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better and hopefully playing with you when the game comes out!

    EDIT: Since we're all discussing what class we picked, I chose Rogue.

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