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Which "class" do you align with the most?

  1. Warrior

  2. Rogue

  3. Wizard

  1. Leondus

    Leondus Kobold


    My name is Leondus Hutchison, now living in Mississippi :)
    I started gaming in 1982 playing the old basic D&D and moved to AD&D, Gamma Word and Traveller in 1984..
    Around 1993 I got into miniature wargaming (20/15mm historical, 25mm fantasy).

    Miniatures started getting too expensive and a few years ago at a local con, I found out about paper miniatures and software to make the gaming tiles.
    So Card Hunter is a dream come true :)

  2. Gideon_Graves

    Gideon_Graves Kobold

    Hey all,

    I'm Gideon_Graves, an aspiring author, avid (Read Excessive) gamer, and major fan of the upcoming Ubisoft title Watch_Dogs. I really am enjoying Card Hunter (Especially considering my School hasn't blocked it yet), and am excited to get to know all of you.

    Regarding my tabletop gaming experience, I've unfortunately never really had the chance to get that deep into D&D or any other kind of roleplaying experience like it. I was lucky enough to enjoy a short lived session while at a summer camp a few years ago, but unfortunately there simply wasn't enough time to really get into it.

    I'll be around,

    - Gideon
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  3. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    welcome! :)

    EDIT: what kind of author would you like to become? I.e. writing books/stories of wour own or what else?
  4. Gideon_Graves

    Gideon_Graves Kobold

    Personally, I'd like to author my own stories, but failing that, I'd be fine with just writing assigned material (Articles on topic X, Reviews of item Y, etc.)
  5. Sisquinanamook

    Sisquinanamook Orc Soldier

    Hi there

    my name is Sisquinanamook (Sis / Sisqui), Thialee Losayelle Avali (Thia), Kikai (Kik), Liasanya Auenblatt (Lia) and so many more. Just call me Sisqui or Sis in here. ;)

    I was born 1984 in Germany and still living here but on several occassions I flee to other Worlds, most of them well known to the most of you. My first Flight was in the year 2000 on a mild summer evening to a world called Aventurien. There were 6 of us. We were young, we were inexperienced and we definetly needed the mon... oh wrong story.... my bad... where were I? Ah yes: We were young, we were inexperienced and we definetly needed some adventure. So of we were and had the fun of our live. Two long years we were guided by an experienced GM. My Elven Healer was a charm. We had so much fun together. Sadly than our GM started to have weird ideas for his Adventure (we always played custom adventures invented by the GM) and suddeny we travelled to Dimensions into a world without Magic. In the first encounter he wiped out our entire Group... R.I.P Liasanya :(
    We were a bit down but in the end it was a good experience for us as Players. We started anew and our GM mixed the AD&D rules into the DSA World. Later on we started a Shadowrun Group.

    But as it happens often: School ends, Jobs start, some friends move away - in short: our P&P group broke up.
    Some years later I had a (A?)D&D group with a Melvin-like GM. I have to admit at first it was a bit hard, but in the end it was a very welcoming change for my little Progamer Soul. This GM had his own world with Gods, Demigods, Villains, Heroes and so on. But we played with the 3.5 (and later 4) D&D Rulebook, the classes, races, skills etc in a Highmagic Setting. In this group I learned about the method of creating cards (via a PC-Tool) for your skills and abilities. For me being a TCG-Gamer as well (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Behind), this was a great idea. Which is why I like Card Hunter so much. :)

    Mostly I play Elven like Characters - Ranger or Healer. In Shadowrun it was a Sniper as a "Ranger equivalent".
    Every now and then I have the quirk to play something different. In DSA it was once a human warrior (didn't work well), and a human 13y old rogue (god she was an annoying little brag ^^). In SR I had once a Gnome Shaman with a Gargoyle Totem (never played her as long as she would've deserved).

    I always wanted to try Earthdawn but never got a chance, Vampire the Masquerade sounded interesting as well. But for now I don't have a group neither in P&P nor in TCG - because of the lack of time.
    When I am not working (as an Online Shop Developer) I am playing Playstation Games with my Partner (rght now Diablo 3) or Wii Games (the last one was Skylanders). Before that it were MMORPGs like Saga of Ryzom, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. So Card Hunter is a welcoming alternative as long as I don't have a real group (or hopefully even beyond that - I already persuaded one of my former P&P Friends to play this game).

    As for my activity in this game:
    Sometimes am very talkative, sometimes I won't say a lot - which doesn't mean I am not reading what you are posting. I really like to be "part" of a community but it seems I have some troubles with "getting in touch" with other players. There are occassions I've got the feeling I am somewhat invisible. Wouldn't surprise me if this thread dies right after I posted in it - wouldn't be the first time. ^^*
    Right now I can play a lot because I am ill. So this will change in a week. I concentrate on the campaign for now until I am level 10 or 11 and then I'll try out the Multiplayer.

    So seeya around there! :)

    BTW: I know the name is from a book - mostly I try to invent my own names (or families with whole trees - stories - worlds...). I simply adore this character so much and like the name. ;)
  6. Fongmaster

    Fongmaster Kobold

    Dude Shadowrun is siiiiiiiiick!

    We should face each other in combat!
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  7. Theobane

    Theobane Kobold

    Hoi, chummer! Nice to see a fellow runner out there with good taste in wizard pics...

    Let's tangle!
  8. Multimuerte

    Multimuerte Mushroom Warrior


    My name is Multimuerte, I came from Spain, and please do not try to find my country on a map looking up at the south of Mexico because it's actually in Europe (really!). Not the first time it happens to me.

    I am a retired old-school gamemaster. I started with Lord of the Rings, AD&D, Paranoia and so on during so many years I cannot even remember a time when roleplaying games where not part of my live. In my country the roleplaying games become quite common during the early 90's. Before that there were only a few bunch of 'freaks' who play those games. Please note that for us 'freak' is not an offensive expression nowadays, is slightly different from the english. People who plays roleplaying games, loves manga and so on are called 'frikis' (from english 'freaky') and defined by this word. I guess... perhaps 'nerd' could be... inexact?

    Ok so, then in the middle of the 90's appeared the 'Narrative Roleplaying Games' and the classical gaming so much parodied in Card Hunter, I mean the adolescent Gary playing in his mom basement and such, started to dissapear. The game has a whole became more 'social' and 'interpretative', whatever that means, and soon people started to try other ways of gaming. The aparition of D&D 3º and D&D 3.5 with all that **** about tons and tons of useless books marked the end of 'classical gaming'. I sent all my books to the storage room to root when D&D 4º appeared, what I consider the worst sacrilege to everything I think D&D should be.

    Today I am an old Gamemaster who has not completely sent to hell the gaming, but do not want really to reactivate. Kids these days plays different at least in my city, full centered on 'winning' and doing stupid things they see on tv. Geeez... I am starting to talk like my grandpa... anyway there still are some veteran roleplaying groups out there, but the rest of the people have transformed the roleplaying game in a form of art, so cool and erudite for my taste I cannot fully understand.

    What the heck? They have memorized every rule on the book! That's insane! Use your friggin imagination for once!

    (Ok, ok... forget my rant, I'll go for my medicine now)

    ... soooo I do not know why am I talking about this. Free time, perhaps. Or something.

    Ah yes! that's the reason I love Card Hunter. Old time gaming. In a computer. Actually a challenge, and no complains from a player who discuss every frigging rule on the book. Thank you, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Zeus, Thor, God or whoever sent the inspiration for the making of this game.
  9. kav

    kav Kobold

    Hey all.

    I just discovered Card Hunter a few days ago from a little google foray into the Online TCG scene, and it looks awesome.

    I was a beta player for the English language port of Alteil back in the day, and have some limited experience with MTG and Magination. I love tcgs but haven't had many opportunities to play them.

    My main interest is Dungeons and Dragons, where I'm a regular player/tester and DM, sometimes online (give me a wave, potential players). Having exhausted my younger days beta testing mmos, I'm now on the look out for new creative tabletop game formats. So you could say I've been learning gaming backwards :)

    I also play competitive LoL: Dominion and cricket. It seems I like games with quirky and complex rules!

    Here's to learning much more about Card Hunter and its community :)
  10. Daphne

    Daphne Kobold

    Howdy all, I arrived here via a pirate recreation group forum reccomendation. One of my fine fellows graciously pointed me this direction. I've been playing for about a week now, and am having a great time. I have yet to go multi, but I'm much more comfortable knowing what the hell i'm doing before I jump in the shark tank ;)

    My forte is acting and performance. I have been a performer at Faires and festivals for over a decade. In this context, I still have that new player smell. Admittedly, my friends and family have said that enjoy watching me play because I can get pretty creative with my Trog insults and triumphant battle cries, when I pass a particualrly challenging board.

    Really glad to have found the wiki, thanks for the fun!
  11. Hello. Sorry about the late introduction, but life happens.

    I go by the name LeisureSuitLoli. I got my name from a post on Somethingawful since it made me roar with laughter.

    I found out about this game from a web comic, and am very thankful for finding it.

    I used to play Magic: the Gathering back before the Odyssey set was introduced, so the mechanics of this game were easy to understand.
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  12. Phirexian

    Phirexian Kobold

    Hi I'm from Italy (Naples)

    Your game is amazing!!!!
  13. Kablizzy

    Kablizzy Orc Soldier

    Hey all,

    My name's Matt, better known as Blizz. I live in Ohio, and I've been gaming since I could think. I've played M:tG for nearly 20 years now, and I'm currently in development for my own CCG. I'm Lead Designer at Heroes of Ivalice, and I've worked offhandedly with Metanet Software and a few other companies on some games. I'm a game designer by trade, and I love digging my hands in to mechanics and fixing things, so if anyone has any questions about how balancing a CCG works, I'm always available to chat.
  14. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Another late introduction... hiya! I'm neoncat ≡(^ェ^)≡

    I'm a paladin errant, programmer by trade, former rocket scientist, sophisticated tea-drinker, and pop-tart extraordinaire. From a mythical land shrouded in the mists of a forgotten age, I set forth to blaze a rainbow of truth and joy across the heavens.
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  15. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    ahah i feel you, since im from Portugal, many ppl think Portugal-Spain are the same thing or Portugal-BRASIL :p

    Anyway when i was little i never played this type of games,wherent that popupar where i lived, but did play alot of mtg. Baldurs gate 2 was what got my interest in dungeons and dragons esque games etc

    Just recently, 2 weeks, i defended my thesis and now im a master degree in pharmaceutical sciences. so time to get a job, but with this damn crisis been hard, so lets see :)
  16. Sisquinanamook

    Sisquinanamook Orc Soldier

    My first years in school (class 1 to 4 I believe) I always thought Mexico was a state IN Spain and I would not let them tell me otherwise. ^^*
  17. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    I know a bit about Portugal because my mom was born in Macau. You have really great wine and beer, let me tell you :)
  18. Aeko

    Aeko Kobold

    Hi! I fould about this little hidden gem while checking the list of latest games on Metacritic and it caught my eye immediately. I gave it a try and I can see the score was no exaggeration!
    About me, I'm from Uruguay, and a student of computer engineering. Fan of wizards and elves in all games, altough my elves here got murdered way too much to make up for their speed, so I reluctantly switched to human. :(
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  19. Multimuerte

    Multimuerte Mushroom Warrior


    Oh dear... when I was a kid I believed in USA there were only cowboys, cows and apaches, and Africa was just a vast jungle filled with dinosaurs and volcanoes.
  20. Hey guys! I'm just a friendly dude from Poland. I'm new in this game, and I'm suprised how great community you have there. That's why I decided to join the forum. Card Hunter is a great game, and I'm sure than I will spend a lot of time playing it, so don't be afraid - I'm not going to leave too soon :)

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