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  1. Its a video game for PC. I only heard about it recently from one of my Vinesauce subscriptions:

    Joel is my favorite Swedish person on the internet. Fyra comes in a very close 2nd place.:D
  2. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

    Sorry @BlackVoidDeath. It's www.scp-wiki.net.
    It's basically a secret international organization that secures, contains, and protects (hence SCP) things that science and current technologies can't explain (a magic sword, a portal to a parallel dimension, a world-ending magic nuke). These include artifacts, entities, and etc.

    Some favorites:
    SCP-173 (the creepy statue from the start of the game LSL mentioned)
    SCP-2406 (3000 years old Greek mecha with a nuclear reactor)
    SCP-087 (creepy ghost staircase from which no one returns)
  3. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I dont understand - are these real or made up?
  4. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

    Can't tell if you're serious or not. But in case you're serious, it's all creepypasta, so, fiction.
  5. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Serious, I know most creepypastas are fake - I didnt realise that they are the same thing.
  6. Robauke

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    Keep it spooky, folks.
    This insane manga is ongoing since 1990 and crafted with overwhelming care.[​IMG]http://www.mangareader.net/berserk - Holy Moses, new chapters after years
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  8. Spooky skeleton meals!
  9. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

    Some creepypasta are real? Not sure. Maybe some are, like stories about some serial killer. I only know about creepypasta from the SCP site and all their stuff is fictional writing, so I always assumed that creepypasta = fiction.
  10. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    MOST creepypastas are fiction, ALMOST ALL of them are.
    Some are, like you said, for an example a story of a serial killer in their house could be real, some are the explanation of what is happening inside someone's head (they could be imagining this that are/are not there but they write and post them.
    I read a creepypasta about the shadows in the walls, they nutter wrote what he thought was actually happening, I will give you a link if I come across it again. I got interested in the story and apparently this guy had some thing with his brain and he had been to hospital because of it many times.
  11. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Some silliness I uploaded to teh Intrawebz several months ago. No real rehearsal or anything -- reading from the side, even, ha ha. Just enjoy for what they are. $F^ b

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  12. Only a couple of countries celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving: Canada, Grenada, Liberia, Netherlands, Norfolk Island (Australia), Saint Lucia, US, and the UK (the harvest festival). Should there be a thread based on good food and giving thanks?

    So its 364 days until Halloween... Let's still get spooky!
  13. Robauke

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    The Heart of a Gingerbread Golem is pretty unsettling.
  14. [​IMG]

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