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  1. Predaking

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    Anyone have a good strategy or deck for this campaign. I can pass part 1, but part 2 is giving me trouble. Using 2 Wizards + 1 Priest and hide on the lower left. Using Laser Beacon + Punishing Bolt on Wizards and Shielding Tokens on Priest. Out of 20+ tries I only passed it twice using that stratgey. For part 1 I used Mystical Wyrmhide pas the petrify back and finish the Gargoyles with Punishing Bolt.
  2. Kalin

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  3. Sir Veza

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    I did it with human 1/1/1. 2x Arrogant on warrior and priest, 2x Wyrmhide on wiz. Heavy vamp on priest. Cleansing Burst helps too. Despise this expansion, so I only did it once on my main account. (Sorry Flax, but this expansion sucks colon blow. Slower and more grindy than High Mountain Pass. Does anybody like that one? There are bound to be some. To those who enjoy this for replayability, my hat's off to you. You see something that I don't.)
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  4. Flaxative

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    Apology accepted!
    Weirdly, this is largely regarded as our best adventure set. I really thought you'd like it. Even mikey liked it. Oh well.
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  5. Mr. Magnifico

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    For the benefit of you young 'uns who don't recognize the deep cut being referenced here:
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  6. Sir Veza

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    Thanks. It is impossible to make something everyone will like.
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  7. Flaxative

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    Funny how things work out; my only intention was to reference community member @mikey76500
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  8. Blizzrd33

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    Very interesting. For this map, I use War/War/Priest all with Arrogant Armor, a bunch of Sunder Strikes and my team hides in the lower left corner where they can only come at you one or two at a time. Definitely slow and plays like a grind, I agree with you 100% here. I could use it to level up my characters but the L21 maps from Sky Citadel are way ahead of this one in my preference list.

    For High Mountain Pass, I'm a fan actually. I really enjoy killing the mob enemies with Ready to Strike on my warriors. I still find it a good challenge, but not impossibly hard like some of the Mitternacht maps (pre-upcoming changes). Just my 2 cents.
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