[LAG] Huge ammounts of it... for everyone.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Temaukel, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Temaukel

    Temaukel War Monkey

    For the recent days has been moments of impressive lag, difficulty to receive / send invites for co-op, excesive loading times (that sometimes seems endless), bugs on LF map, massive disconnection with sub-sequent games finished (because players being unable to reconnect on time).

    Since I think we all players from different parts of the world are experiencing it, I would like to know if there's some explanation.

    I doubt CH servers could be under hacker's attack, but this is so weird. Or maybe it has to do with flash tech becoming unstable. But i won't propose weird theories, just wanted to post this here... Or shall it be at "support"? It's just too big.

    Thanks you!

    PS (edit): It's been happening for lapses of around an hour I guess. Last one started today at around 21 UTC. And the problem still remains. It also makes pvp games slow.

    PS2 (new edit): Lag seems to have cleared up at 21:55 UTC.
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  2. Susurrus in Gloaming

    Susurrus in Gloaming Goblin Champion

    A few nights ago I had a league match where I got infinite spinning wheel and then when I tried to reconnect I just could not get back in. Seems similar issue is happening today.

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