Laboratory Mayhem: CT5 and Flax's LCG NOW ON KICKSTARTER! :D

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    Honestly it's a primarily a monetary thing, and secondarily a logistical thing (since we're doing all our fulfillment in-house).

    In my mind, if someone outside the US wanted to buy the game and just added the international shipping to their pledge (and messaged us on KS to clarify that they're outside the US), we could probably fulfill it. But the question is: what is the shipping cost? Are there taxes etc? This stuff gets super expensive super fast. I took a brief look at DHL from Berkeley to Europe and the best quote I could find for a package that would contain 4 sets (our $110 tier) was $130. Admittedly researching optimal, affordable shipping isn't something in which I have a ton of experience. I am open to suggestions.

    But probably what would be best is if folks outside the country who are willing to pay a premium for the game could get in touch with me so we can figure out exact shipping costs, and then I'd ask them to pledge for reward + that shipping cost (at a minimum). I say probably because at this point I can't guarantee international fulfillment --but again, if there's enough demand, I'll see what I can do.
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    I've watched some videos, popped through the blog (including reading the really fun 5-discipline tournament-deck post! ha ha), read/skimmed the full rules and glossary, etc., and 1. this game looks really great $E^ J making me lament that my offline friends don't really like card games for some reason $:^ \ and 2. I still can't seem to find an answer to a question... From the Kickstarter page:
    Whatever the function which "rarity" might have, there's literally nothing rarer about any given card; each is 100% as accessible as another; there is even an exact 1-to-1 ratio for every single card in the set, ha! I mean, the exception might be that some cards will be harder to replace if a person accidentally performs Blacker Lotus on it (how's that for an obscure joke? heheh) because of some card or another being generally regarded as better or something, but ... yeah, why rarity, what is rarity here? ("More rarely played because it's harder to get its full effect on the table"?)

    Thank you in advance, and regards,
    Bob $:^ J
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    @ParodyKnaveBob card rarity is primarily relevant for drafts (at least the way we've been drafting), in which you would first make "packs" of cards (2 rares, 4 uncommons, 10 commons per pack). Since rarity is like a measure of card complexity (and sometimes power), this means we won't have drafts of all the most wacky, standalone cards out there -> you can find cool synergies in the draft.
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    Woo! Funded! Well done!

    Can we move back to working on CH please? :c
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    Thanks gulo ;)

    Can't quite express how pumped I am. Gonna do some social media stuff announcing our first stretch goal and thanking everyone.

    Yes, actually :)
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    For the record, I am looking to make a Witcher-inspired laboratory with a combination of toxicology, naturalism, and metallurgy. That being said, I have not watched the video on how to play yet, so while I assume I can construct "Gulo's Nefarious Laboratory of Natural, Toxic Metals", I am not certain this can happen yet.
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    You can combine any number of disciplines in your deck, so go wild :D
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    1 hour to go...!

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