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    Another idea I have for the next single player expansion would be to have Karen be the DM and have the board be the same, make your own board style from the Morvin expansion.

    Monsters would include Fairies, Unicorns, Edible Bears, Tiny Ponies, and maybe the bandit. Hopefully, one could mostly use art that Blu Manchu already has: the unicorn from the end adventure screen, tiny ponies could be represented by the old pack mule emulio, fairies would of course be represented by your favorite fairy ever, the loot one, just slightly augment umber bulks for edible bears.

    There are a bunch of unimplemented cards that could be used with one or two brand new cards added as well:
    attractive, blaze, crippling slash, fate reversal, block link, charmed block, pact of healing, launching blow, parrying cut, smoke bomb, sticky bomb (change to mud bomb.)

    Plus put in Terrifying visage, Clear Mind, Disengage Soldiers, Scout's Vigil, and Trailblazer.

    Plus you would have to put in Rainbow Power. Heal 10 all adjacent allies. Melee Piercing 10 all adjacent enemies. Double Rainbow, Oh my gosh!

    Storyline could be something like...Karen got tired of waiting for Blu Manchu to release the next expansion and so she made her own with rainbows, unicorns and fairies.
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