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    Just be aware my inventory may not be as expansive as yours, so not all changes will be possible. Still, feedback would be appreciated.
    Winrate: I don't remember, and it's been forever. Recently, after I just came back, I've been winning most of my games (75%).

    Josiah Painbringer
    Level 20 Human Warrior

    Valwin the Nova
    Level 20 Human Wizard

    St. Dalevaleca
    Level 1 Human Priest
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    Overall observations:
    Warrior seems tanky but not very mobile, especially when the wizard can’t help move him that much
    Wizard has only 2 gusts for control and too many acid squares. With 6 silver bolts and 2 wall of fires, damage output looks decent but not stellar
    Priest has above average healing, decent frenzy, but not very much in terms of card advantage. Zero purges or martyrs is unusual.

    Suggested changes will mainly address the above concerns:
    —> increase warrior mobility
    —> increase wizard control
    —> increase priest utility (add purge against enemy buff/ martyr, add martyr to influence enemy target selection, and add ways to increase card advantage)

    Josiah Painbringer
    Level 20 Human Warrior
    Warrior's Mace —> Double edged sword or howling pain
    Warrior's Mace
    Ravager's Cudgel
    Dependable Mail —> Bronzebottom cuirass
    Parrying Buckler
    Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist
    Skipping Boots
    Savant Positioning—> Subtle positioning
    Novice Bruising—> Reckless lycanthropy

    Valwin the Nova
    Level 20 Human Wizard
    Sentrymage's Feystaff
    Sentrymage's Feystaff

    Flicker's Earcuff
    Arcade's Amber Amulet—> Ring of appropriation
    Sludge Pendant —> Rust creature gland (Melt armor removes enemy armor even when blocked, so it’s good for removing 2 enemy cards with only 1 card)
    Sludge Pendant —> Rust creature gland or Rod of Palver pree
    Sacrifice Mantle—> Warp robes
    Skipping Boots —> Turquoise boots, or add another ring of appropriation
    Perfect Command
    Untrained Teleportation—> novice teleportation or battery

    St. Dalevaleca
    Level 1 Human Priest
    Iryna's Golden Pitchfork—>purging mace or inquisitor’s morningstar
    Mail Of Righteous Anger —> consider dark chain shirt or corrupted shroud, unless you really like frenzies
    Dueler's Buckler
    Xalanen's Boots
    Silver Healing Ring—> tome of the martyr
    Greasy Tome —> St. ulrich’s bones
    Silver Healing Ring —> medical kit
    Advanced Flexibility
    Advanced Piety
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