Item rarity (Rares vs Epics)

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  1. BUSSM1593

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    Why Pressing Problems is an Epic item and not a Rare one?

  2. BUSSM1593

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    Why Trickster's Blade is an Epic weapon and not a Rare one?

  3. Pawndawan

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    Vakaz's Item Creator has a nice chart that explains the rarity formula:
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  5. mckeen

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    Not sure what is inaccurate about this? Both of the items that you're questioning fit the formula, kindly provided by Pawndawan...
    The levels of rarity go - common - uncommon - rare - epic - legendary

    Pressing Problems has 6 cards, of which 2x are rare (Disorienting Block) making the base rarity rare. Plus 4x of the same card (Pressing Bash) increases the rarity by one level to make it epic

    Trickster's Blade has 6 cards, all uncommon making the base rarity uncommon. 6x of the same card (Tricky Stab) increases the rarity by 2 levels to epic

    There are a few items that don't fit this formula, either by error or for balancing purposes, but neither of these are the case...
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    I see the point. Thanks
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    That's a good question...
  9. PhoenixTheHunter

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    Hey guys,

    the shown table is a bit inaccurate as I've already written in the Vakaz's Item Creator thread:

    My update to the formula was ( ): on a 6-card item with 5 copies of the same card and if at least one card is rare, the rarity boost is 2 instead of 1.

    With this formula, all items have the right rarity (although I don't know if this is the exact same formula that the devs use, but this one works perfectly fine so it's quite likely that this in fact IS the dev's formula).

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    Thanks. I was totally satisfied with the PhoenixTheHunter's reply, but your link makes me question if Viscious Circle actually should be an Epic instead of Legendary. (why else would Jon admit that it's a bug and the update should've fixed it?)
  12. Pawndawan

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    Also, this:
    Why is Hu La Houp's Vicious Circle a legendary?
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