Indiana Bones

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    I also just realised that these maps are very similar to home run - sorry, but I am still gonna run with it.
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    So, any comments on the new version?
    I would like to work off of the feedback from players this weekend.
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    I like the new versions of the maps a lot more, being able to react to the incoming attacks and checking which spots are safe is more fun and the fact that the card gets revealed also means you can check the card to get a quick look at which spots are safe which is more convenient than checking individual tiles or enemies.

    I still have trouble with the second map though, specifically the first part with the mummies and the doors, on the first try I died before I even got past the door because the Mummies drew enough movement to get to me early and I didn't get enough attacks to get past the doors while on my second try I only got past the door at the start of the fourth round with 2 HP left and lost 1 square away from the victory squares after already having killed one spider. I think the 6 turn limit is too tight for a map where bad luck with attack card draws or enemy armor rolls, it's frustrating when you lose like that. Aside from that I like how the middle part now still has the trapdoors as difficult terrain but alters the configuration of the enemies so you can still get past them in a few turns.

    I think if the turn limit was 8 rather than 6 the map would be fine as it is, that way a player wouldn't feel rushed to run at the doors and hope they can get through before the Mummies get to them, even if they get a bad first few hand.
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    I have never experienced the round limit (a lot) I win in the newest version 6/8 times and even when I lose I lose because of something to do with the spiders.
    Thats the point, I want the player to feel rushed, and even though they think "oh no, 3 minutes and 6 rounds? I cant possibly win?" but they can.
    I dont know if I just get lucky with my draws but here is a version with 8 round limit.
    I have tested the 8 round limit and it seems MUCH easier, I havnt lost once, out out of 10 times.
    I was even thinking of taking the time limit back down to 3 minutes rather than 4 for the new maps. (also added a link)

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  6. I played your maps and here's my 2 cents:
    -IMHO only Bones 2 is MM material. Bones 1 is just about stockpiling moves.
    -Bones 2 is a very challenging map. I enjoyed the layout in the second version more than the first one.
    -I prefered the totems. They are much more Indy themed and more dangerous. The robots have these drawacks: They alert you and waste precious time with their "moves". Not to mention the fact that robots would only fit -filmwise- to Indiana Jones 4 and it's sequels.
    -If you keep the robots, then raise the time limit to 4, a lot of precious seconds are lost due to movements of robots and mummies and assigning the stars from the victory points.
    -Have you considered replacing the spiders with plant pygmies? Much closer to the original :)
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    I know, but it kind of like... gets the player into the mood of the game. Also, if you say that IB1 is not MM material then you are saying that run the gauntlet and home run are also not worthy MM material, which I think they are.
    The problem with the totems is that they are a one-shot kill and in some places you cant get by, unless you draw lots of blocks and/or flight aura.
    If I could get @Flaxative to work with me, we he might be able to change the deck to make the totem figures be on the board with the Robot Lasers and no time-wasting move cards.
    Its already on 4
    Thats an idea, though they are too annoying, op and I cant imagine why they would be hiding in the cracks behind spider webs.
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    Pun unintended.
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    I cant wait for the AI characters, because not only I can make this map even more realistic with the AI bolder, but I also have a pretty fun idea for a completely new map. :D
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