In which Accent does Sanctum of the Cyber Tyrant with Three Elf Wizards

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    I remember the first time I played the first level of this adventure: I was playing a 1/1/1 with a relatively standard buffing priest, and since my party was split up, the priest was essentially useless. (OK, Mass Frenzy and Team Heal still work, but that's about it). So for this level, you have to approach deck construction a little like the Triple Duel league, only your characters need to be more self-sufficient.

    Or, you could be like yours truly, and work to circumvent the walls. The best answer to that is a card that's also very useful in Triple Duel: Teleport Self.

    Now, why elves? Dwarves are out, since the walls are 2 squares thick, so their stubby little legs would require either a Quickness Aura, or burning the Teleport to get through the wall. Nope. Humans would work, but they'd have to be next to the wall to go through it. So that leaves elves. Time to shine, my squishy friends!*

    *I'm pretty sure Melvin calls the slimes this at one point, but I'm rolling with it.

    Decks and strategy below. Yes, this is Legendary heavy, but I think you could do something similar with less rare cards.

    Level 22 Elf Wizard

    Level 18 Elf Wizard

    Level 18 Elf Wizard

    Strategy here: gang up on someone (preferably the Powerful Mutant in the middle), and get the burning wizard to the troll ASAP (he always seems to have more move cards than you'd think. Frustrating). Bail out if the Cyber Mutant has Invisibility (although remember, AoEs can still hit him), and play keep away until the Adapted to . . . cards run out. Or knock Adaptable off. Don't be too aggressive, both Mutants have Lunging Bite, and you don't have many blocks. Might take a couple re-starts, but it's definitely winnable.

    I'd made a thread about something like this some time back. You have two wizards with 2x Illusion, and 6x cantrip moves, so you're just going to block LoS and use the first wizard to do damage. Since Adaptable is going to show up, I tried to diversify the damage on the first wizard, since the latter two are all electrical and arcane. Don't let the Laser Beacons poke holes in your Illusory Barriers, and use the Gusts Of War to wind the Gunners and the Boss behind the barriers.

    Level 23 Elf Wizard

    Level 19 Elf Wizard

    Level 19 Elf Wizard

    Nothing too fancy here. Hit hard, don't get hit. You could probably try the party from the second map here, instead.

    No, this isn't a farming team (had to use at least two restarts, and those are the regular restarts, since this wasn't a quest), but it was fun, and I wanted to prove I could do it. Also, the new elf wiz skin? Badass.

    EDIT: if you pay attention, you'll notice everyone leveled up by the end.
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    3 Elf Wiz, is that a harder challenge than 1hp quest?:)
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    1HP quests are renowned as the most difficult quests of them all.

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