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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Lucky Dice, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Accel timing so that you get cards and heal from Holy Armors.
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  2. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Welcome back to my kitchen, 2 months in the making guys.

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    Level 13 Dwarf Warrior

    so can you guess what this deck is for?

    You throw a warrior in and you move your opponents as much as it's possible, so that the Berserk Spin does work. Then you just attack like mad. You try to absorb as much as you can (kinda difficult, but slightly helped by the armor and helmet, though I do think it probably could be better).

    Oh. What is this Spreading Laser doing here? It's pretty simple.

    You hit YOUR OWN DWARF with it.

    what do you mean Bloodchopper is better? Of course it's not! :C
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  3. visak13

    visak13 Ogre

    I like the HIT YOUR OWN DWARF idea! Quite innovative!
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  4. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge



    Level 8 Human Warrior
    Chaos Knight
    Level 1 Human Warrior
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    The idea of this deck is rather simple. Deafen the opponent with all the sounds you can get.


    Okay, but seriously.

    I knew General Gideon's Helm double-dipping is a good idea. This thing rocks! It also has an Officer's Harness to hint you what you should move. But there are some other things you can flip between people.
    Escaping Run
    All Out Attack
    Anvil Strike
    even Raging Strikes, if necessary.
    But the newest thing you can throw around is Delegate. And it's crazy. You can essentially give a buff to whoever. You can spread cards however you want. The draw is crazy.

    To those of you who are actually reading this, what do you think about Advanced Flexibility? Would that be a good idea with all the harnesses despite Inara's Boots boosting them for free?
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  5. Potatus

    Potatus Orc Soldier

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  6. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    If I would go use Delegate I would run a consistent deck that has a lot of traits. How well does it really work with harnesses? I could imagine the Officer's Harnesses diluting the draw.
  7. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    No, but sometimes I could use a literally free draw when I replace my Harnesses with actual cards

    It's not all that bad. More importantly, it's really fun. Swapping around unseen harnesses is a nice form of a mind-game. Your opponent thinks you've just thrown AoA to somebody else and he won't stay to check whether he's right. So you can secure yourself a turn.
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  8. Macizo

    Macizo Guild Leader

    Would cat leth be an improved lasertick?

    Sure will loss some punch but having the ability to transfer laserblock ti a better positioned warrior (and maybe a delegate one) can be handy to repel control spells
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  9. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Time for

    NEBula Roulette!

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    Level 24 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest
    Demon's Golden Blade
    Demon's Golden Blade
    Jet Armor
    Aegis Of The Defender
    Goat Boots
    Demon Charm Of The 2nd Circle
    Demon Charm Of The 2nd Circle
    Demon Charm Of The 2nd Circle
    Make Haste
    Unholy Conduit

    1 x Traveling Curse
    1 x Weak Chop
    2 x Defender's Block
    3 x Demonic Miasma
    1 x Negative Energy Being
    1 x Retreat
    1 x Frenzy Aura
    1 x Weakened Armor
    1 x Immovable
    1 x Delegate
    1 x Wild Run
    3 x Unholy Wellspring
    6 x Obliterating Chop
    1 x Sapping Spear
    5 x Demonic Feedback
    2 x Demonic Revenge
    1 x Spear Of Darkness
    3 x Demonic Power
    1 x Dangerous Maneuver

    so it's kinda hard to make it truly work, but when it does you're OP unless your opponent carries a purge.

    Let's sum up what NEB does for you:

    - You heal on every hit and you get hit on every heal
    - every demonic card is a heal

    what's not to like​
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  10. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    A break gives some inspiration, but even some inspiration requires more work. Today, I want to show you the Cowardly Priest.

    Level 24 Human Priest

    We utilize the total of 4 attacks in our deck for the most harmless use of Cowardly we're able to have on a priest. In exchange, we get a cycling trait, which gets us total of 9+ cycling cards for the priest ALONE. And Altruism makes the contraption better, because every single assist card in our deck is HOLY. Which means that every assist we play gives us a chance to draw something.

    I also get to use the Mail Of The Prophet which is a cool thing by itself.

    But I just have no idea what do I fit this priest with. I mean, I did the most obvious thing and paired it with AoA warriors. Because, and that's a little known fact, Surestrike is SCARY. People see a Warrior blessed with Surestrike, and they are afraid of losing a unit. "Surely he must have an AoA attack in his hand." And sometimes you do.

    Sometimes... not so much.

    So you can use it to your advantage. This is the Babby's Bluffing, ladies and gents.

    Level 15 Dwarf Warrior

    Xander's Brother
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    all the other stuff is pretty generic, but this deck managed to win against ThetianKnight, aka' His Royal Hygiene 6 to 5 in a casual, for what it's worth. I just don't like it in its current shape.

    So I'd appreciate any other things I could pair that priest with.
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  11. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Once upon a time, Cardhuntrian adept Lucky Dice had a goal. To make a team that would utilize the Advanced Battlefield Training to its limit. A challenging task, considering the nearest surrounding of items containing the most of it was a Flimsy Block for Humans and Officer's Harness for Warriors. Many people considered transfering All Out Attack this way, so that the warrior receiving the card from his companion could deliver a killing blow to the victim in front of him, but that presented a problem of not being able to equip a lot of movement and/or damaging cards.

    "So, what do I do now that I couldn't work it this way?", he asked himself, scratching his head while stretching his neck and sipping the energy drink. And then the light bulb above his head appeared as if by a cartoon magic.

    "I know! I just start throwing these cards around like a Gambit from X-Men or something! I'll have 3 different classes and stuff to move elsewhere so that the other class would utilize it better!"

    And so, he took one of each, and started matching equipment together, piece by piece. And it all started fitting like a puzzle. And that idea alone changed him, from a clown in his own guild...

    ...to a Juggler!

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    Level 24 Human Priest

    Hello folks. It's me. Welcome to my kitchen once again. This time hopefully you prepared some balls. Or chainsaws, whichever you prefer, 'cause it's time to juggle!

    Warrior has warrior-exclusive Anvil Strikes, as well as more than enough Cushioning Armors to transfer around.
    Priest carries Holy Armors, which just happen to go perfectly with both Elven Maneuvers and Martyr Blessing. Speaking of the latter, she may transfer that onto his teammate to use it on her. She also has a number of Radiation Bombs, which, in conjunction with Advanced Battlefield Training, grants her near global range on these Gandhi's own creations. Not only that, Vampiric attacks can be transfered to heal anyone in the team, provided they have a target in melee range.
    Wizard has even more armor, between Enchanted Harness and Arcane Shell. The latter also acts as a potential buff to the Radiation Bomb. Not only that, ABT with Winds Of War is, again, giving Winds to a better user at this point of time.

    Within 2 turns, you should be able to throw things around, provided you're lucky enough.
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  12. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    JAUNT RON 7.8/10 title, too small letters
    Chaos Knight
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    Level 8 Human Warrior
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  13. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    so uh

    this time it's not really extreme hardcore deckbuilding and an overabundance of dumb ideas all at once like with some previous decks, but rather some decks I had some success with (i've been beating 1,6ks and 1,7ks with both of these and losing to 1,4ks, go figure) and they weren't attrociously annoying to play with

    Starting up with The Twins, a very interesting creation. Did you know that in playtests this staff had more magic missiles than it currently has? Can you imagine the popularity spike of Curse of Fragility if that were a thing...

    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    since there's nothing else to help you with damage other than whatever vulnerability your opponent has, we equip some Green Lotus Root on a priest and Vasyl's Ectoplasmic Raiments on each of the wizards. "But sir", you exclaim, "aren't spirit cards, and especially a spirit form, bad?" Technically yes, but rarely in this case. Why?

    Let's look at each form card separately, starting with the form itself. 4 damage reduction to indirect stuff. Coolio, protection against Deadly, Deadly Staff, burning attachments damage, some damage reduction from hazard tiles and protection from every BURST ON THE PLANET BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE STILL USE IT... either way, nothing to ignore. Won't do much against warriors. But! We use Hawkwinds. Technically we can just run anywhere with them and not get damage. So if you can handle this, you can do it. In one of a million cases this knowledge will be helpful.
    Fly. Cool. helps you get away. Useful.
    Doom... moving on...
    Creature of the Night and Traveling Curse - you're better off getting the latter one when you have a form attached, definitely. But both are cycling, which means... more cards for you! Yay!
    Curse of Fragility and Unholy Curse - What you want to make your Silver Magic Missile a card that transcends amethyst. Not too shabby with Glob of Flame either.
    Memory Loss - want to get rid off Vengeance? Now you can!
    Hex of Dissolution - want to get rid off Monster Hide? Well, you could earlier, but now you can for no cost whatsoever!
    Beam of Hate - usually a block-checker if I get it, along with Glob of Flame.
    Acid Jet - so the maps aren't really hard for charges, this can help you change that.
    Boo! - very situationally useful.
    Ancient Grudge - the hidden killer. You have probably noticed both dwarven cries, blesses and traits. All of that helps you get to high numbers faster, so you can certainly use that.

    So all in all, everything bar a certain gold card is amazing. The only other worst case scenario is both of your wizards getting the form. You want one at most.
    Wizards also come with some control and armor removal in arcane items, because, let's be honest, that's the only good way to use your arcane items in this build.

    The priest is probably the second most soular-ish kind of priest there is. Very servicable priest with some heals, more heals, armor removal, card draw... basically everything you need. And some purges for worst case scenarios.

    The other deck I had fun with and wasn't terrible is this little thing:

    Level 8 Human Warrior

    Chaos Knight
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    An answer to "what works with Forward Thinking that isn't armor stacking or dodge variants stacking?", a way to dish out tons of damage. And we're talking about solid 10 damage hits nearly every time you hit. With or without reliable mail. Try it out for yourself, it's not really too expensive. The only expensive irreplacable part is probably Bloome's.

    ...Wait, you want something silly? Sigh. Fine. There you have it...

    Level 9 Elf Wizard

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    Level 4 Elf Priest

    Devastating Blow. Seeing opponent's cards. Happy now?

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