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    It even stops the card draw of Elvish Insight I believe.
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    Upon further checking, I think it always blocks first regardless of targeting. I need to check further with linear and cone.
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    This wasn't a proper test (because Buff was at or near max HP each time), but Sacred Shroud has weird timing with some other cards...

    Sacred Shroud + Negative Energy Being

    Sacred Shroud + Boosted Heal
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    That is too horrible! $8^ O
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    Back to Hypno Beacon. This is apparently common knowledge in some circles, but I'd assumed the wrong thing and I couldn't find any info on the forum. @Testlum and I tested for you (which he already knew):

    Hypnotic Beacon vs. Immovable and Stone Feet

    I'd figured the triggering would go like this:
    1. Character tries to move under one's own control.
    2. Hypno Beacon tries to affect that move.
    3. Immovable/Stone Feet prevents that Attack card and allows character to move under one's own control anyway.

    However, I was wrong. It goes like this:
    1. Character tries to move under one's own control.
    2. Hypno Beacon affects that move.
    3. Neither Immovable nor Stone Feet trigger vs. that Attack. $:^ [

    I'm willing to call this a bug myself, but anyway, at least it's posted now.

    In fact, no, re-reading, I'm certain this is a bug and will report it promptly.

    "You cannot be moved or placed in a new location by enemy cards."
    "Target . . . cannot be moved to or placed in a new location by cards controlled by its enemies."
    "whenever an enemy within 1 square moves under their own control, make that move randomly" - that's a char being moved to a new location (usually not a location of the char's choice) by an enemy card / card controlled by its enemy

    In the future, I'd like to see Maze Of The Mind tested if it hasn't been already.

    I considered what repercussions this might have on Encumber cards, but even though those affect movement, the target char still chooses the final destination. Hypno, however, 100% chooses it for the enemy.
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  8. Kalin

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    Reanimate can revive dead chars that belong to the same monster group as the caster.
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  9. Derek

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    I have nothing to contribute, but this was an absolutely fascinating thread to read! I hope you all and others continue to find the oddities of Cardhuntria and report them here!
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