How will new Races / Classes work (speculation)

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  1. This is just a way for me to get my thoughts out.

    #1 Exempt from weighted drops for a few patches because small pool = better drop rates of legendaries.

    #2 Will most likely use existing items rather then new item types (removing a stave from wizard and giving it an extra class and race skill slot called the scholar for example)

    #3 For actual new item categories I suspect they will be available to all classes in one way or another (I suspect tied to Red Tokens) I also suspect that it will be this games version of multi classing.

    #4 For new races I expect these to pull from existing race cards as well just shoving them into items we already have game modes and ways to play as monsters and most of their cards CAN be considered balanced (not all but most) for example a character with innate bark armor in their racials.

    I hope others bring their own thoughts into this.
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    How will new Races / Classes work?

    Badly? Grindy?

    More like: Link: Dota 2 ?
  3. Skunkbrains

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    I don't really think whole new classes are possible/helpful since you can already build pretty much any playstyle with the cards already in the game, if you want nimble melee you pick a weapon with a lot of step attacks, spellblades you pick a human wizard with a staff that does some bashing...
    I mean, I'd like to see a necromancer/warlock item implemented where you create a minion to fight for you, but I have a feeling that's very hard to code.

    Now, for races, I could see that much easier, since it boils down to: Health gain, Movement, Racial Skills.
    If I wanted to give an example... Let's say I want to make Trogs playable. Their racial movement card is scuttle, and because that's better than walk but worse than dash in a lot of situations, I think a humans health gain rate is good, and their skills revolve around special block cards that reward keeping enemies 2 spaces away from you or generating spear cards, which are good for melee classes because more attacks=good, and are good for mages because a panic button is always nice.

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