How to Play Card Hunter, as taught by Melvin

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    Sage Advice for Campaign Play

    If you get trounced by a new set of monsters, pay attention to which of their cards gave you the most trouble, then re-equip your party to deal with them. This is the heart of Card Hunter strategy. If you always stick with the same items, or just equip the ones that appear to have the highest damage values, you are going to have a tough time defeating all the adventures.

    Often a seemingly very high quality card will be relatively useless against a certain monster type. An Obliterating Bludgeon may be deadly against Orcs, but will bounce right off of a Green Jelly’s Amorphous Body armor card! Remember that you are playing against each monster’s unique deck, and bringing cards to the battle that will beat that deck is the path to victory.

    Example: You are facing enemies that have a lot of armor cards which are making a mockery of your attacks.​

    Go to your collection and look for items containing cards that will force the enemy to discard their armor cards, or equip your characters with penetrating attack cards, that ignore armor altogether!
    Keep a close watch on the enemy’s hand of cards. If a monster or monster group has just one movement card left in it’s hand, then it is not going to be able to attack you, or play a block. The fewer cards a character or monster has in it’s hand, the less dangerous it is.

    The rest of the info is very detailed, so please check out the page here:
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    Much thanks to Pengw1n for the suggestion!
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