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  1. Lance

    Lance Goblin Champion

    No item in the game currently possesses a Word Of God card...

    You've never meet my Silver Samurai. He is, "terrifying" according to Farbs, and others I'm sure. Step warriors are one of the scariest opponents when you consider raw damage from something like a common weapon such as, Bejeweled Shortsword.
  2. Irwik

    Irwik Mushroom Warrior

    On second thought i decided that wizards may be not so strong as i thought before.
    But i won't defend them i'm gonna play warriors.
  3. Lance

    Lance Goblin Champion

    Wolzarg would submit the following:
    I submit that no class is "stronger" than any other, unless your speaking about raw damage (in which case Warriors and Wizards are neck and neck). While a Wizard may not deal enough damage to 1-hit an opponent, they can wreck more face faster than any other! Because they have more aoe attacks even though their damage values are small and disbursed, it adds up!A wizards versatility and control is unparalleled, in my opinion. While in terms of plain sight subterfuge a clerics buffing, debuffing, countering attacks at range with things like Oquith's Choking Incense, and negating/preventing damage with healing and cards like Impenetrable Nimbus, make them a contender.
  4. Irwik

    Irwik Mushroom Warrior

    clerics can buff warrior with damage and cards for 1 turn win..
  5. Rorre

    Rorre Orc Soldier

    As both a response and a tip:
    The nature of the game changes several times as you play through. Early enemies and equipment have quite weak attacks, making armour very powerful, and Hot Spot very strong early in the game.

    Later on, reasonable options explode, and the game becomes much less predictable.

    It becomes much easier to get through armour with big damage (e.g. Powerful Hack), and good penetrating attacks like Vicious Thrust. It also becomes much easier to remove armour, with things like Acid Blast or Dissolve Armor.

    At the same time, block cards get a lot better, wizards get a lot more "control" (e.g. improved telekenesis and Wall Of Stone), and priests get access to key cards that make them much more influential support characters like Mass Frenzy, Talented Healer, and Unholy Wellspring.

    But everything has a counter. "Step warriors" are shut down by Encumber, but priests can cleanse it, and wizards can usually work around it. Cold and fire wizards are countered pretty hard by good armour, especially with a good healer, and armour and healing is very effectively countered by the ridiculous levels of spike damage you can achieve with a well buffed warrior - you'll great a great demo of this when one of Melvin's Dwarfs one-shots one of your heroes in MP.

    A zappy wizard might kite quite effectively, but you can counter that by abusing line of sight or just parking on the victory squares.

    Some things are very strong, but there are a lot of different options to put down one-trick-ponies. Anything you can describe in a single sentence is not going to be flexible enough to win consistently.
  6. Irwik

    Irwik Mushroom Warrior

    I see there is many options.
    So is it gonna be like rock-paper-scissors in terms of beating others strategy?
    You have to guess what's your opponent playing and chose right counter for it?

    Or you need to choose well rounded strategy for overall performance?
  7. Rorre

    Rorre Orc Soldier

    Less rock-paper-scissors, and more strategic planning.

    You're going to see enemies with Cone Of Cold, and your whole party is going to get Encumber 2, Duration 2. There are several good answers, you'd just better make sure that your party has access to at least one of them. You're also going to see warriors capable of one-shotting weaker party members, so you'll also need to make sure you can see that coming and do something about it.

    In the campaign, you can see what the enemy is doing and adapt, and in MP expect a meta-game sort of like magic the gathering. There will be a set of "standard" strategies that you'll need to account for, and some really off-the-wall things that will catch you by surprise and really test you. Especially in MP, you'll only win consistently with a deck that's capable of adapting to what the opponent is doing.
  8. Irwik

    Irwik Mushroom Warrior

    Ha, can't wait to get to MP.
    I will mostly lose i'm sure but i hope there will be many good battles at the top of strategic thinking.
  9. Sayeth Aether

    Sayeth Aether Mushroom Warrior

    I have a combination of acid-spraying, card discarding wizard and 2 warriors which works really well! The wizard makes sure to get rid the enemy of off cards and armor while my two warriors hack and slash ^^ You could also mix a bit of wall of fire for good measure against camping dwarves.
  10. Evolved

    Evolved Mushroom Warrior

    Be sure if you use a targeted ability that an enemy is in range otherwise you just might end up being forced to hit an ally.

    This is especially true for abilities with pre-damage movement.

    On that note is this an intentional design choice, or a by product of the system? Should players be forced to hurt their own team if they make a miscalculation?
  11. Gnug315

    Gnug315 Mushroom Warrior

    Speaking of oddities, how intentional is it exactly that opponents spend block cards on one's healing spells? =)
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  12. MCF-001

    MCF-001 Kobold

    This may have been said but for the person that have never played Magic the Gathering or chess for that matter. Look at it like this, There is a equal and opposite card for every card out there. Always look at your hand and see the strategy of a few combined cards, think moves in advance and don't rush in wait bide your time. Always look for the advantage before you play that big card. Lure your foes to you. If you don't like your cards drawn wait to discard them as long as you have 3+ cards in your hand. Enjoy!
  13. "Oh god! The Priest that just stabbed be thrice over is pointing his hand at me! Must....Block....Unrealiably!"

    >Deadzo tries to pull off a lucky block...
    >And miraculously succeeds!
    >Greater Heal was cancelled

    I find it pretty intentional and makes sense to me
  14. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    Here's my tip: Don't ignore low-level rares, epics, and legendaries. In fact, you should seek them out by doing low-level quests. Often, those items have good cards and no talent cost, which can free up talents for other really good items and greatly increase the overall quality of your team.
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  15. Logan Hawkthorne

    Logan Hawkthorne Mushroom Warrior

    I still think, that a build that works very well against most but not at all against some, can still win more matches in the long run, than a build that tries to have an answer for every situation.

    so actually I do believe in single sentence builds, even if they are not flexible. they won't win every time, but they will win more than a jack of all trades deck.

    at least that's how I see it at the moment, but I may be wrong!

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