Help with Dungeon of the Swamp King?

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by hairhelmet2k3, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. hairhelmet2k3

    hairhelmet2k3 Kobold

    Anyone have any advice?

    I've not had much trouble thus far, being able to adjust my strategy to most of the adventures (great game, by the way, highly entertaining!) until I got to this one...

    I've tried pure heal on my cleric, offense on my cleric, walls of fire/stone on my mage, sparks/fire on my mage, 2-range stabs or all chops or bludgeons with my warrior, or parries... no luck... I have had to revive my party 4 times tonight and still can't make much of a dent... getting annoying...

    anyone have any tips/party setups on how they beat this? I have a human warrior, human priest, and dwarf mage...


  2. Lindbergh

    Lindbergh Kobold

    Here are the big things to know.

    1. Forget crushing damage. The slimes draw their amorphous body far too often and while armor removal works, it just takes a long time to draw it and use it. So make sure your weapons are delivering big hits that are not crush and draw useful things that aren't armor removal.
    2. Winds Of War and Wall Of Fire are going to be your bread and butter arcane items. Burn multiple slimes down at once if you catch them near each other with the fire. Winds them back on to the fire as need be. On really bad draws, use the wind to split the orange slime packs up so that your warrior is only trading blows with 1 instead of a pack. In a pinch hit your warrior with wind to move him around.
    3. The Goblin Bazaar semi frequently will sell Chillwood Staffs. If you can get 2 for your wizard, it will be happy times. Slowed green slimes can't kite you. More importantly, the brown slimes on board 3 and 4 and the super zombie on board 4 both draw 3 cards a round, have big damage attacks, and letting them into melee range is very bad. But neither has moves greater than 2. Hit them with an encumber 2 effect and they are not going to be wailing on your party. Drop some lava under them and you may not have to deal with their painful melee at all.
    4. As for your cleric you have a few options. Silver Healing Rings should generally be enough healing if you don't charge into orange slime packs. But as an alternative you can also play with Impenetrable Nimbus if you have any and have your warrior be brave.
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  3. Chompman

    Chompman Mushroom Warrior

    Stage 4 of this zone is probably one of the hardest still I face daily as I am trying to get the last level for my guys as I have completed the campaign.

    Lindbergh gives most of what you need to do and other then for stage 4, maybe a bit on stage 3, you shouldn't have major issues if your equipment is updated but even then stage 4 takes a bit of work to get past.

    This might be one of the few missions I actually prefer two wizards and a cleric as they can contain / dish out enough range damage to keep the slimes busy while you nuke them as they usually are slow enough to help as the room itself is somewhat small because of the two separate rooms.

    JIMOTHY Kobold

    Absolutely evil mission - I did it after many tries with 2x priest (dwarf, human) 1x warrior (human). No really special gear since I hadn't got through the rest of the game. One of my priests was for damage/self healing (with spear of darkness etc+talented healer to give him multiple attacks in a row), the other for healing/buffing. The warrior used spears to try to skirt around and damage them after manipulating their movement. Still, there are undoubtedly better tactics since I just wanted to use the same characters as I had always done, and it took me too many attempts.
  5. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    I haven't got to this on my current iteration yet, but I remember I did it a couple of times in beta and it was not too bad. Encumbering the boss and keeping back the slimes while I killed him was how I did it.
  6. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    You may not have it, but the easiest method I've found for stage 4 is Cone Of Cold and Wall Of Fire . The same strategy works very well against ogres and trees too, so I use this as my main lvl 17 farming team.

    When I beat this with a warrior focused party, I found this was a good place to bring in lots of chops. Except for those annoying skeletons, it's pretty easy to hit multiple enemies with each attack.
  7. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    Well, last map of this was hardest of the campaign by far.

    Finally beat it with Lots of frost (encumber 2 and it won't move), some armor and mostly ranged attacks.
  8. hairhelmet2k3

    hairhelmet2k3 Kobold

    I have no fun Frost stuff... most of my attempts have been with slashing warrior attacks, 3 silver healing rings on my cleric, and walls of fire... so seems like I have the idea down, but haven't gotten the execution, I guess... I think I only have two items with winds of war, will have to see if I can get my hands on a few more...

    thanks for the hints, I'll keep you guys updated...

  9. hairhelmet2k3

    hairhelmet2k3 Kobold

    ha! finally... man, that took a lot of tries... my warrior bit it, then my cleric, but managed with some well-timed cold stuff (from my one cold staff, a sub-zero) to hold off the last slime... then, of course, as treasure I get 2xcoldwood staff and tarial's diadem, all of which would have come in handy...

    thanks for all the help...

  10. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    The cold staffs seem to only start dropping around L16, so it's a matter of chance whether you have them in time for this mission.

    Sooner or later you'll get them, though.
  11. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    When I first played this mission I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect slimes. The picture made me think snake men so I loaded my warrior up with bash attacks. Hah! So the first battle my warrior was useless but my fire wizard and spear-wielding cleric took care of it. For the next battle I switched over to chopping, not quite as bad this time because at least there was still slimes, but my warrior couldn't help with the skeletons. Still did it on the first try. Third battle was relatively easy. But that last battle... really tough. I tried many things even going so far as to read this thread which I try to avoid until I've beaten the adventure first. Finally ended up doing it last night with a spear-wielding warrior. The key was Smoke Bomb on the slimes the first turn. Made a HUGE difference to not be bombarded with slime and be encumbered for 2 turns. A Cone Of Cold kept them in the bomb's radius too. Impenetrable Nimbus helped as well. All in all not bad. I then went on to the Lair of the Yellow Dragon and 1 shotted the adventure with 2 tries on the dragon.
  12. hairhelmet2k3

    hairhelmet2k3 Kobold

    managed to one-shot the Lair of the Yellow Dragon too, lost once on the ogres/ogre magicker/wisps, just poor draw on the cards... now on to try Cardstock II!
  13. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    I really like Cardstock II, but after the dragon and the swamp king it felt very easy. Which is nice for farming higher level gear but was quite anticlimatic when I first did it.
  14. Chompman

    Chompman Mushroom Warrior

    Same as it's fair, 3 on 3, unlike most of the other missions and honestly the 2nd part seems harder of the 3 or at least more annoying as they have a bunch of whirlwind items.

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