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Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by Scarecrow71, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Scarecrow71

    Scarecrow71 Kobold

    I am utterly stone-cold stumped on this one. I have tried everything I can think of, to include Googling for help, to absolutely no avail. I simply cannot, for the life of me, get beyond Battle 2 in this one. And I am finally breaking down and asking for the help I need to get me through this. First, my build:

    Ikbolg, Level 6 Dwarf Warrior (21 Health)
    • Grey Rapier (Able Stab x 3, Predictable Stab, Weak Strike x 2)
    • Carved Club (Pressing Bash x 2, Bludgeon x 2, Simple Strike, Unreliable Block)
    • Helmet (Cloth Armor x 3)
    • Trogsbane (Puncturing Stab, Penetrating Lunge x 2, Perforating Strike, Able Stab, Backbiting Strike)
    • Cold Shield (Icy Block, Hit the Deck, Dropped Guard)
    • Perilous Ringmail (Reliable Mail, Thickened Mail, Traveling Curse)
    • Patchwork Boots (Run, Walk x 2)
    • Novice Gouging (Impaler, Penetrating Cut x 2)
    Wendrilma, Level 6 Elf Wizard (11 Health)
    • Hotglass Staff (Sizzling Bolt, Hot Spot x 2, Magma Spray, Combustible x 2)
    • Burning Bangle (Hot Spot x 2, Ember Spray)
    • Fiery Shard (Force Cannon, Stone Spikes, Magma Spray)
    • Glowing Bangle (Hot Spot, Acid Blast, Defensiveness)
    • Red Robes (Thick Hide Armor, Cloth Armor, Penetrating Zap)
    • Thin-Soled Boots (Run, Walk, Shuffle)
    • Apprentice Evasion (Smashing Spin x 2, Skip)
    • Novice Teleportation (Dimensional Traveler x 2, Force Bolt)
    Lorjon, Level 6 Human Healer (16 Health)
    • Holy Stone Maul (Controlled Overswing, Simple Strike x 2, Surestrike Blessing x 2, Curse of Fragility)
    • Atlatl of Zuma (Consuming Spear x 2, Sapping Spear x 2, Healing Pulse x 2)
    • Cover Shield (Missile Block x 2, Flimsy Block)
    • Blessed Ring Shirt (Hardy Mail x 2, Minor Heal)
    • Scrap-Heap Boots (Cautious Sneak, Mail, Walk)
    • Purging Charm (Purging Burst, Enervating Touch, Purge)
    • Crude Healing Charm (Minor Heal x 3)
    • Novice Medic (Healing Spirit, Light Heal, Minor Heal)
    All of the threads I've seen on this particular adventure state to load up on terrain spells for your wizard, which I've tried to do. Yes, they are all only 1 square effects, which really isn't all that great, but they are what I've got. The first battle states to not bring crushing effects with you due to the ooze, but with enough other targets there I want to make sure that I can handle them easily enough so I don't die there too. Which, by the way, happens far more often than I'd like to admit.

    Anyhow, what the frak am I doing wrong here? When the second battle starts, I position my three characters around the pillars, trying to stay out of line of sight of the opposing cleric while also trying to keep an eye on where the lizards might end up after moving so I'm not in the way of getting range-stabbed. However, every single time I play this battle, either my healer or my wizard end up dying in the first round of combat, primarily because the lizards have nothing but Run cards and can traverse the entirety of the map in a single move. And they apparently have multiple Run cards in each of their hands, because if by some chance I get lucky enough to draw 2 movement cards for one of my characters and move a second time, they end up pinning me down and surrounding me. And then they get like a hundred attacks on me in one round, so I end up getting killed.

    The really screwy part of this is that it seems like the game is intentionally preventing me from drawing cards that will help. Do I need healing? Yep, but I don't draw any of the healing cards. What about terrain spells? Sure, if I can survive long enough to get to the bottom of my deck. Attack cards? See the terrain spells before. And if I need to rely on a die roll? Forget it. I actually counted in my last battle; I rolled 8 consecutive 1s. That's right - 8 of them IN A ROW. And that's without having the Bad Luck penalty that I cannot seem to shake even though I work my butt off to stay out of LOS of the cleric. Kind of hard to block or defend when every attack gets through no matter what I do.

    In my last battle - after which I nearly uninstalled the game - I lost my healer in round 1 and my wizard in round 2. I got down to it just being Ikbolg and the enemy cleric, and I had 1 hit point remaining. I delayed and moved and delayed long enough to where the cleric had 1 card left in his hand, and I had several Able Stabs. So I moved to within 2 squares of him, hoping to take him out finally. Nope; he pulls a Stab of his own and kills me off. Really? That's the one card he has remaining in his hand after all those Bad Lucks and movement cards? Seems a bit iffy to me.

    So I ask again - what the frak am I doing wrong here? Why am I just not able to beat this level? What items should I be equipping to give myself a better chance of winning? Don't tell me what cards to equip - I won't have the faintest idea of which items give me those cards. Hence, I'm asking for the items. And buying stuff? I've got 4 gold to my name and no way to earn more (cuz, you know, I can't get beyond any other level at the moment either). Or should I just go back through every level I've cleared and earn more gold until I can purchase all the cool items?

    Can someone please give me some advice? I love this game, but this level seems way unbalanced, and I'm just ready to pack it in.
  2. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    Don't worry so much about staying out of sight of the cleric. He can only hurt you directly if he is within 2 squares of you. Don't move unless the enemies are within 2 squares of you.
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  3. smg225

    smg225 Kobold

    don't worry too much about running away, just try and get close and smash them, one at a time. a few step attacks so you can keep up with them if they try and back off. but just go for armor and damage as much as you can get away with on your build.

    also, get rid of those shields, and use parrying bucklers if you have them; anything with parry is better, that way you block and draw new cards.
  4. Scarecrow71

    Scarecrow71 Kobold

    I don't get the strategy there, Vlamona. Don't move unless the enemies are within 2 squares of me? At that point, they are in range to stab me to death; if I wait until they get that close to move I am just setting myself up to not be able to do anything. Unless I stay out of range...which means I can't do anything because most of the attacks I have are ranged.

    Wish I had parrying bucklers. Then again, I wish I could just roll decently enough to block anything at all.
  5. smg225

    smg225 Kobold

    One other option is to go into world chat and ask someone to co-op with you.

    Also, I think Vlamona meant that when in 2-range, to move so your guys are all ganging up on one, and the other is left isolated.
  6. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Try these in no particular order:
    • If you feel like grinding (replying old adventures), consider levelling up a dwarf wizard. Usually dwarf wizard is superior to elf wizard in campaign, since melee opponents happily come to you, so higher HP is more useful than better mobility.
      • Levelling your current party to lvl 7 also helps. Note that lvl 6 characters don't get any experience from lvl 3 or lvl 2 adventures.
    • See Penniless Peasant Builds for suggestions how to build a campaign party with only common items.
    • Make a habit of passing on the first turn of the round. This might be a bad advice for level 1, where that Black Ooze is breathing down your neck, but in most cases, it's useful to let the AI to burn moves or other cards first before committing your own resources.
  7. Jaer

    Jaer Goblin Champion

    Pretty much everything that Vlamona said.

    It is even more important to wait for your opponent's move first if you are using terrain attachments like Hot Spot. Burning Bangle that you have equipped is one of my favorite Arcane Items, but you have to be patient with it. There's nothing wrong with passing to see what your enemy is going to do if you are not in immediate danger. When you are in danger, however, try to spread the damage between your characters (by hiding your injured characters behind the columns from the Darters, not the priest) and focus your own damage on one of the Darters. I agree, their attacks really hurt and are not limited to one per turn - which is why your Warrior and Priest should have shields with more melee blocks if possible.

    I love your Fiery Shard, partially because of Force Cannon. If your Wizard manages to push away one of the Darters even for a turn (which requires some good positioning), it will boost your chances of survival and give you some time to burst down the other one. If you have something like Blasting Amulet (it has 2x Force Cannon), that might help, too. What might be problematic here is your Glowing Bangle and that annoying Defensiveness on it. Since Darters will try to stay in range of their attacks, it might just cost you the win if your Wizard can't reliably cast spells for two turns.

    When you defeat the Darters, remember that you are no longer in any rush. If your characters are hurt, you can afford to wait as many turns as you want to patch your wounds and get some good armor, blocks, and attacks before facing the priest. And when you do, don't forget that he has some stabs, too.
  8. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    This is definitely the hardest early-game adventure! Hang in there, it's tough, but you can do it.

    The only thing you have to worry about from the Lizardman Cleric at range is Unholy Curse, so staying in LOS of the Cleric is no big deal. Save your moves for maneuvering against the Darters - they're incredibly annoying as you know, between their multiple moves and hard-hitting stabs. Luckily, you have stabs of your own! This means you can fight back against them, rather than running in with a bunch of melee attacks, only to see them move just out of reach and stab. In fact, since the Darters like to stay at range 2 so much, if you have stabs on your Warrior or Priest, you could run into melee range against them, and hopefully prompt a move from the Darters. This would mean one less move from them to chase you, and helps you set up a Hot Spot from your Wizard. Landing Hot Spot is going to be crucial, since that would instantly take out half their life.

    I think your party, with the advice in the thread (it's all good advice), will be well-equipped to deal with this troublesome battle!
    If you happen to have Dueler's Buckler (Parry, Block, Unreliable Block), that might be worth equipping instead of your current shields.
  9. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    I meant if you are running away from the darters, don't do it unless they are 2 squares away from you or closer.

    Don't you have a helmet?
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  10. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Also, regarding your current setup and gear:

    First of, there's a handy shortcut for copying your build for forums:

    • Trogsbane: Good range 2 and step attacks useful against the stabby (range 2) lizards.
    • Perilous Ringmail: One of the best tokenless armors. Consider replacing this last and putting your tokens to weapons.
    Bad / consider replacing


    Bad / consider replacing


    I'll keep this short. Add more melee blocks and more traits (class skill and boots). Also, I think you can do better than to equip level 1 items (Crude Healing Charm).

    In the long run, drain attacks and Impenetrable Nimbus (Shielding Token) are the things that help tremendously with all campaign modules.
  11. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    So I dont have time to read through the thread so will just leave a few tips here:
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  12. Scarecrow71

    Scarecrow71 Kobold

    So, thanks to the advice given here, I have successfully beaten this level! I did have some of the items that people told me to switch out for, but some I just do not have. Such as a helmet; I do not have even a single one in my inventory at this time. The delay/wait for the guys to move strategy is what finally helped me do it. Well, that, coupled with getting some really lucky draws in cards.

    One last question before I go on my merry way of killing the evil monsters infesting Cardhuntria: How do you load a specific multiplayer party? I want to do the little trick to get the bbcode for my group so I can paste up what I had when I beat this thing, but I keep getting the default multiplayer party that Gary says to use in the opening MP battle.
  13. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    To get the list of your characters and items you need to:
    1. Go to your campaign keep.
    2. Make sure all three characters are equipped.
    3. Open the console by pressing F2.
    4. Type partyanddecksbbcode and press enter, this will copy your party to your clipboard.
    5. Close the console by pressing F1.
    6. Go to the forums and paste your party with Ctrl + V or with the right click menu.
  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Howdy, Scarecrow, and welcome to Cardhuntria! $:^ J Glad you beat it! Yeah, when I first heard the advice to wait for the enemy to move first, it was mind-blowing, lol. $E^ b

    To add to BVD's info, your campaign party is separated from your multiplayer party (although all the characters and items are still available to each/both). If you pressed the Store/Retrive button on the Campaign side of the game to save, then that's where you can load, too; if you saved on the Multiplayer side, then you instead load from there.

    Furthermore, you can search for cards (just like items -- and just like text on the cards, plus some other stuff) by typing in the textbox in your inventory, or in store inventories. Want to know where to grab some Parry cards? Type Parry into the blank. (You'll also find Pushback Parry and Subtle Parry like this. You can be more exact and type ^Parry$ if you wish.)

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  15. Scarecrow71

    Scarecrow71 Kobold

    My problem is that I don't know how to load the characters in multi-player mode. No matter what I do, the default party is loaded. How do I change that?
  16. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Ohh, you're saying you don't see how to swap out characters? There's a Remove From Party button with your other characters off to the left side of the clipboard (then Add to Party button for those characters).

    I hope this helps, $:^ J
  17. SkizzBr0

    SkizzBr0 Kobold

    As far as the black ooze is concerned, why do you not just swap some crush cards out until round two? As for Slub Gut and his guards, I pass first turn and bring plenty of two range melee attacks for my fighters and knockback on any wizards will help push them a safe distance from the weaker party members.

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