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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Flaxative, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Over where the Northern and Western Hemispheres intersect, there's this young little country who just celebrated its 240th birthday coming-of-age day. For the occasion, I decided to dust off my cardboard characters and play a Fireworks build tonight. $E^ D

    [SRC] Jim Darkmagic
    Level 1 Human Wizard

    Level 1 Human Priest

    [SRC] Jam Dirkmigac
    Level 1 Human Wizard

    (Yeah, I finally picked up some crazy legendaries (from chests!) just before stopping playing last month -- not that most of them will matter as much once the rebalance comes, hence my not even bothering to pay Randimar 2,500 gold last month for a first Skull of Savage Iljin. ~shrug~)

    I heard some people say the current meta is warriors. What do I know? I just sent in Jim, Jam, and Anne Athema 'MURICA ID4 into the Citadel and splattered sparkly explosions all over the place!

    Losses? I had one nice, close-ish match with @zenmonk1 .. until I suddenly leapt off the VS to attack someone when Z only needed one VP to win. Uh. Whoops. (It'd help if I remembered how to play, right? Lol.) Also, a Volcano+Bless+AT build got me early on, and I lost to time during another great match, and then (after the monk of zen) our own @tonytyzhang laid the smackdown on me.

    Otherwise? ♫ And the rockets' red glare/The bombs bursting in air ♪ $E^ b

    (Okidoky, mostly back into the shadows I go, heheh.)
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  4. Having had a few matches on the test server, using Searing Pain still seems viable, you just have to play more carefully and not just nuke everything in sight with reckless abandon, which is how it is now.
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  5. So, I just tied for first in a league, and won 3 chests. Without thinking I opened one of them. What's the sharing protocol here? Are chests shareable? Is it all automatic?
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    No worries, Mr. Potato Head, you're thinking of SRC rules on tournaments. Leagues are an entirely different matter. $:^ ]

    (Tourneys are currently held via casual matches with final standings being reported to BM or whoever else is giving prizes so that prizes can be properly distributed manually.)
  7. No trading/sharing at all.
  8. I seem to have difficulty understanding Card Hunter slang and terminology. When I was considering joining the sorcererers, I found the no tanking requirement off-putting as I thought by tanking Flaxative meant decks centered around survivability.
  9. Hahaha, yeah tanking means losing on purpose. Build however you like. :)
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    I could probably add that to "When I was a noob..." thread. I thought the same thing about tanking and SRC rules, Potato! $X^ b

    Come to think of it, I addressed the issue tongue-in-cheek to the principal of the time, @Inkfingers. I wonder if he thought I was only joking ironically. Lol. (Hard to blame him with a name like mine, eh? meh heh)
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    Clarity is key. That's a very good insight and definitely something they should look at fixing.
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    Clarified in the first post!
  13. CT5

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    Welcome, @Lucky Dice! Glad to finally have you aboard. Your anti-meta ways will always have a home with us :)

    As for other guild related matters, looks like we've slipped into the double digits in guild standings since it unfortunately seems like we've been less active as a whole =/

    No matter, we're still a friendly bunch! And that's what matters. gl hf Sorcererers!
  14. Sweet. We finally got Lucky Dice. No more block fails!
  15. Well, it's a bit difficult for me to be active. I inadvertently took a rather forced break with school picking back up. That, along side a part time job and a new-found obsession with boats, made it difficult to sign into the game. However, I'll try to make an effort to pop back in everyone once in awhile.
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    Welcome, lucky dice :) (I'm always the one who's late.)
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    Duuuuuude! @Lucky Dice! $:^ D Welcome!

    (I say as if I haven't been missing for the past couple months!)

    I hope to be active more at all by the end of the playtest (assuming it's not already over with me missing that announcement), @CT5, but I still have to recover my accounts and stuff, plus I'm busy making a video game or three with some people $:^ ] and of course usual life stuff.

    Bob $:^ J

    EDIT: Nope, missed the playtest. Looks like that's three playtests and two public tournaments I've missed in the past year and a half. Always with the amazing timing. $F^ }
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  19. Samwowww

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    I'm the #1 free agent right now. #1 draft pick in the card hunter scene last year. Looking to get picked up.

    I just want to give back to the community, er guild, that has a good loot fairy tracking thing I've been using for the past month.
    I want to do multiplayer things, I've just been a loner (like that trait card) for the past month.

  20. Lucky Dice

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    Okay, I think I've never been prouder after a match.
    And I learned that you can link your twitch account to youtube to export your highlights!

    Warning: If you're not a fan of certain vulgar words, you might want to turn off the sound.

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