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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Flaxative, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Loot Fairy Patrol applications go to me, but I don't process them very fast.
  2. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    Still doesn't explain how / why you know that anime :p

    Also hi everyone I'm back! Though my monitor's not working atm so vids and stuff will have to wait =P
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  3. Magus

    Magus Orc Soldier

    I should probably mention that I'm not any more dead than usual. Hello again, all.
  4. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Welcome back! I'll let the unquoted portion slide...
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  5. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    Actually, I wouldn't mind being put on the loot fairy patrol myself. I don't get to hunting for it very often, but when I do I always forget that I haven't got permission to update the chart.

    As for @Orcus187 and @myothername - try setting up a time with me via PM, and we can look to getting you inducted. As of right now, I'm planing to be on at 11pm pst tonight, though I might be a bit late.
  6. Hawk239128

    Hawk239128 Orc Soldier

    Well I guess I'm back for a least a alittle while. I still have my title WOOO
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  7. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Hello, I'm interested in joining. If you could PM me, that would be great. My IGN is angryplant1. I had to make a separate account for the forums because Kongregate :p
  8. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Welcome back!!
  9. Speaking of titles, I'd actually like one for myself. The only problem is I'm not sure what I want that title to be...

    Feel free to suggest titles. I have one in mind that I'm a bit partial towards (for personal reasons), but I love seeing what others can come up with!
  10. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Allknower of the Sorcererers?
  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Hm... "Papa" ? "Nii-chan" ? What else do the sycophantic empty-headed 'female' "characters" in Sword Art Online call the underdeveloped 'main' "character" ?

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  12. I'll choose to ignore that.. although I'm half tempted to pick a Japanese honorific just to get a banner so you would have to look at it.

    Edit: Ooh! How about 'Elucidator'? Aside from the awesome perk of messing with Flax, I actually like the definition of 'elucidate'.
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  13. Just played my first round of the Turret Tango league and I have to say that it is definitely a new experience. I only went 1-3, the only winning only being from running my opponent's time down.

    Is it impolite if I start to discuss the new league here? I'd love to talk some strategy for it, but I read somewhere that it's the usual custom to wait a month after content is released before talking, to encourage experimentation with different strategies.
  14. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Discuss away, we must converse if we are to crush our pesky foes...
  15. Well in that case... Does anyone else get the feeling that TT is primarily a 'rush the other guy' type of league? With invisibility popping up so often, spiders don't actually fight often. I've tried to use my own spiders as blockers, but with all the free move cards, it doesn't work out that well.
  16. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    My take on it is that you are playing two almost completely separate games, and racing to finish first. It's the difference between almost completely and completely separate that make it interesting to me. The little moments where turret cones take out units on both sides are what make it interesting to me.
  17. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I haven't bothered defending my turret with my own spiders nor battling spiders vs. spider. Just perhaps position them in a way that slows down opponent's spider advancement. In a rare cases my spiders aren't invisible and opponent decides to use spider attack to them, I'm almost always happy.

    Playing fast is certainly a major part of Turret Tango league, although last time I won all my matches before timeout. Playing fast is not necessarily rushing, passing and fishing opponent's turret rotations and spiders moves is major part of the game.

    I quite like the league, it plays fast but it isn't so prone to major setbacks like Oozeball. :)
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  18. Magus

    Magus Orc Soldier

    I've had a fair bit of success in TT with a strategy of "just don't move your two spiders that start blocking the side entrances for the first several rounds". May be luck, may be a real thing.
  19. Starshadow

    Starshadow Kobold

    So I just finished being intradicted... or... no... something else.
    Joinifacated to the guild. So now I can cause mild allergies, acute insanity, and block views as often as possible.

    Been around a while in pen and paper, rpgs, and other things and reletive (re)new to cardhunters(despite being in beta. x.x).

    I'm a magicat not a Greebo.
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  20. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    It's true, it's all true... *weeps uncontrollably* I've inducted the stellar feline @Starshadow into our guild. Will it ever end, these trials? No, it will not.

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