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    look at this:
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    Hey, we are 3 now, just a few points of the second. Im off like always on the weekend. Back on monday. If things goes rigth we may get first in about 10 to 15 days... I made 95 points in 2 days as i familiar with this maps but it gonna go slower as the time pasa.
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    Greetings, citizens of Cardhuntria! It's the new principal of Power of Fires speaking.
    Half of August has passed and the situation has never been more tense: the battle is more furious than ever before:
    If you can't make it out which guilds are these TOP 3, it's ok: PoF, WC and Braves of Glory are all within 4 points of each other.

    So fight hard and return victorious, dear guild members :) See you on the fields of battle!
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