[Guild] Order of the Dragon

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  1. Khyle345

    Khyle345 Kobold

    From the northern peaks we rise,
    From mountains to the skies.
    Ravaging all that stood,
    Scorching all we could.

    Scales of steel,
    Breaths of fire.
    You shall squeal,
    And admire.

    This guild is newly born, rising from the midst of the towering skyscrapers reaching for the heavens. We rose from the power of dragons. Our goal and policy is simple, to defeat your enemy with all your might, or lose honorably.

    You, Yes you!
    How do you join? Simple, contact a being named "Khyle345" and defeat me! Yes, I will fight normally, and not just let you win, so be prepared. You can also prove yourself, by slaying DRAGONS! Yeah you heard me, slay `em all.

    The Law!
    1. Follow the general rules of all and rules of the all of the all.
    2. That`s it! I`m lazy alright!

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