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    Hear ye, Hear ye! Leviathan looking for brave souls, who is skilled in PvP also dares for PvE runs!

    Our vision:

    We're seeking our rightful place in PvP and aiming to be number one PvE guild.

    Our mission:

    Recruiting members who has skills and courage for PvP and good understanding of AI FRP culture. Planning daily dungeon runs, helping our teammates' quests, daily LF run... sharing our builds with their logic.

    Recruitment: You dont have to be worry about your MMR or missed legendaries in your backpacks, just show us some skills with your logic. Message Gurel for initiate.

    We're missing one without you.

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    Upcoming Leviathan Events:

    -Since we are both PvE, PvP (also PvH espically) guild, we are running CoC, RttCoC runs every 8:00 pm.
    -We are celebrating our pvp victorious with publishing a new custom map. Soon it will be ready.
    -Guild recruitment changed
    -Conversation channel for Leviathan opened, all our guild mates are welcome. We share our builds (both pvp and pve) and having a little talk.

    Thanks a lot! Leviathan wishes good luck to all guilds, welcomes persons in guild runs and giving tips/helping hand for new players and helping their quests also !


    - Sir Ystaeth of Lathander

    P.S. if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :3
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    Our dungeon map is published. This map will be editable and this months dungeon rotation. Have a nice day!

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