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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by neoncat, Feb 18, 2014.

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    One basic point to understand is that guilds dont introduce new game modes, it is a meta layer. Joining a guild means that your RANKED PvP games are not only for your glory (ELO) now, but fought for a team as well. Each loss and win add to your guilds score (totally known as GELO), and all guilds compete over the course of a (calendary) month. League games or casual games are not part of the point system.
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    Hey Flax,

    Can you add me to the guild leaders forum group? I play Auburn and A Gentleman Loser. Gent is the principle of Simmering Cimmerians.

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    The industrious Braves are sadly lacking from this sticky thread, could the powers that be please kindly add us to the list, many thanks :)

    Tagline would be "Join the fray, Stand as one.", if it's no trouble.
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    Done and done.
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