[Guild drama] A New Deal. (Proposal to collectively stop bad sportmanship).

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    Well, my name is Temaukel.

    I could say I'm brand new to this game. Compared to other people that have been playing like about 5, 4 or 3 years, my 9 and some months are not too much. Just enough for a new human life to start outside mom.

    But I've witnesed the horror. I say it with humor maybe, but I actually saw how guild system exploits were made, dirty way to steal points (like using an alt guid that steals from another one the same amount of points than throwing 5 or 6 games in favor of another). I saw how snipers were waiting to get other into clean headshot sight. But this is still child-issues. What really worries me is people getting accused, getting harassed and getting hurt in their feelings because of a game. Because I saw people retiring for this reasons.

    So, this is not about pizza codes. This is not about getting kicked or not by better players. To me this is about being clear and kind. About showing an identity and playing through it. To play one team to get the best of it, without dirty tricks, without trying to win (for the victory itself) besides anything.

    I do respect all players here. Especially if they do respect me, but even if they do not. I would like to play this in a way everyone has chances, instead of feeling abuse of power by some strong ones. That's why I even told devs about this, given evidence, and recently told him I did. Because I want things to be clear for everyone.

    Someone told me Braves of Glory started this years ago, so they felt in the right to keep doing it. So, if that's true, I would like every responsible still active, to properly apologize about it. I think this could start this new deal. But I can't propose more. If community enjoys more to keep doing these stuff, I'm ok with that. Otherwise, lets make this deal. Lets put the conditions on it.

    Because I've realized all this is beyond devs' control. This is a lovely complex game, made with so much care and love, that I can only push for a cozy community dign of its enjoyment.

    I just would wish that personal issues would not be taken into game. If someone gets mad with some other, just keep it to yourself, between just two. Take action about it if you need to, without harming the community. Ask for the help of it, maybe, just as I'm trying to do. Don't ruin someone else's game because of it. Keep playing. Keep getting friends.

    I'd like this community to grow up again, because I think this game really deserves it.

    As well as it deserves to be kept clean, enjoyable, and with equal chances to all players to get those prizes, but also to get the renown and the mastering of all this game's complexity.

    So this proposal is just as simple: Lets enjoy the game. Lets play it with one true face. Stop forcing other people to avoid snipers, instead of taking the defy of matching them. Or let's say together to stay ok with that and keep doing. But please stop getting it personal, talking bad about other people. It's a game. Lets have fun!

    Congrats to the season winners, and I hope this is good to someone. To everyone, being optimist.

    Good luck with your games!

    Ubuntu. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_philosophy )

    EDIT: Ortography corrections thanks to Ameranth's kind review. Thanks you very much, friend!
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