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    And then, there was, BEERBARIA. And from it arose some mighty cardhuntrians, battling the foulest wizards and nimble wizards.

    Eh, I dunno, I'm not as cool as our founder and previous principal ROBORANTORINGO, but i am driven. I'm Cooldude the principal of BEERBARIA a vast land.

    So if I can find the time and its not too difficult, I will put together some free training for our guildmates who have been so loyal. I'm not the best but have good strategy and understanding of the game. So even if you're a veteran BEERBARIAN it will improve your game. Message me here {Christofff} or in-game, {Cooldude}, if you're interested.

    BEERBARIANS are about loyalty. Unlike the other WALKING BRAVES guilds, if you don't perform well I won't kick you off straight away or for a while!! I believe in chance to grow. I am BEERBARIAN, yes its true, but believe in loyalty, honor, and BEER. You don't earn the name BEERBARIAN, you live the name of BEERBARIAN.

    Also our mighty veteran Krystalis1 has already won his pizza voucher for his epic contribution last july . When we get an easy 4th or 5th this month, there will be pizza for myself and the next biggest overall contributors. This MEANS the next pizza voucher will be given for members who like to play somewhat regularly and are semi-competitive, who like the idea of training, honor, and pizza, but who also prove to be worhty of BEERBARIAN name ...

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    Check out the vertical on BEERBARIANS!!

    This is what real warrior can do...

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