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    Hail and well met adventurers!

    Today i'll introduce you about being a good player in Campaign, Co-op and Multiplayer.

    First things first. What is good player?

    Good player means who has done best things (even himself/herself) in right situations, coordinating teams, communicating and helping and publishing/using strategies (not meta things, trust me.)


    1-Knowledge (based on the game. For example knowledge in CH depends on your old games such as Baldur's Gate, Fallout, Icewind Dale, Arcanum, D&D etc.)

    2-Nice Attitude: This is the most important thing we will see in Co-op topic.

    3-Understanding in helping and communication. (Just stop playing selfish)


    Campaign will be your first playground in this game. You should enjoy while playing and finish campaigns fast as possible for unlocking contents such as 'No Party Death' etc.

    For new players i highly recommend to save your party without items. So you can unequip your party (for lazy players of course) immidiately and prepare for another campaign. Always use items which is effective for monsters. For example Crushing damage will be awesome for skeletons, plant monsters who has Tough Bark but dont use it on Jellies. You can combine your mage with 'boiling armor or armor discard spells' however its just a losing time on campaign.


    Every 7 of 10 player in CH doesnt know about passing. In early maps it will not be a problem but further dungeons it can be fatal. Every person should skip turn if doesnt needed. If two person needed turn in same time it must be calculated in priority. Lets thing about 2 trolls against 1 priest and 1 mage. Both in caught and Mage's turn to play. If priest has healing or nimbus abilitiy mage should pass instead of walking away from Troll. Yes, this is common mistake in CH and believe it or not it happens everyday.

    Second mistake is blaming team for your own or their fault. We are all humans(except me. I am dragon). We can do mistakes. Blaming them is just making their psychology bad and opens their mind to more mistake dones. If someone do mistake, just warn him friendly. If he does again, just try to teach him about playing style of yours or game basics.


    For PvP, CH is a great game which defeated player congratulate winner. We are all amazed with this friendship and fair players BUT ! some of them making fun about losing player. This is wrong in many ways. You can be a great PvPer at all but sadly this is a game lobby with a limited persons. This acts only repel persons from PvP (which is your talent and fun) ALSO a person can quit game which affects entire game.

    Our To-Do list is:

    1- Congratulate both side and enjoy playing not winning or losing
    2- Remember one day you can lose your game. No one can win them all.
    3- If you like his/her playing style; add him/her as friend and discuss strategies
    4- If you see someone who is losing a lot, try to communicate him and teach basics about player versus player
    5- Dont get stress from thinking about winning. Just feel relax, enjoy the game and your opponents play.

    and Bonus.... Chat room!

    Chatroom is where people socialize and seeks companions for Loot Fairy, spesific dungeons, talks, etc etc. So... here psalms comes from our gaming bible:

    P.24: Be polite, you can get whatever you want in possible ( help, answer, talk, friendship etc)
    P.28: Never insult anyone. The guy you insulted can be your teammate, a winner opponent or even your next love. (Angels are blessed us with gamer girls)
    P.76.1: Dont feed trolls and spammers. .2: Do a summoning rite of moderator .3: Wait for his/her unleash ban hell strike spell.
    P.665: Warn somoene if they cross the lines. Talking in bad language, links which leads another bad dimensions are forbidden. If the mod is online leave them to mods.
    P.666: Always say 'hello'.


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    Is this a rant about bad coop players in well structured disguise?

    I advise against contacting players that lost a lot without them reaching out.
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    For this reason :3

    EDITED BY A MOD: Don't post screenshots of chat to deride or criticize other players. If you have a problem with a player, you can use the block/report functionality or just choose not to play together.
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    If you're looking to reach out to a player who seems to be struggling, the best advice that I can give is to approach it from the frame of a peer rather than a teacher. Sometimes people don't want to be taught - they just want to play - and trying to force them to learn from you is just going to leave both of you frustrated and no better off than you were before. Be helpful, be present, and be mindful of how much advice they actually want, but don't try to force-feed them. Too much too fast, when you're not ready, is drinking from a fire hose.

    I love teaching, and I'm always on the lookout for places to pass on information, but when it comes to Cardhunter I get the best results by giving them just enough information to connect the dots themselves. Hint at build lists, make off-hand remarks of cool things you've seen other people do, and show them how to find solutions without actually being told what the solution is. Those are the times that people learn best, I've found. Encourage people to share their experiences, ask clarifying questions to get them to think about things they might not have otherwise considered.

    "What kinds of builds do you struggle against?" "Why do you think that matchup is bad?" "How consistent do you think that is?" "Have you thought of X item/card?" "Why don't you think that works?" Build an understanding of what they're trying to do, and why, before you try to "fix" anything.

    Be prepared to be wrong. Your experience and their experience are different, and they might well have good answers even when you think they don't. The places they need help in might be completely different than where you thought the problem was. DON'T ASSUME YOU KNOW BETTER. THAT IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE. Go into each teaching moment with the knowledge that you're both likely to walk away with more information than you started with.

    Teaching is hard. Explaining is easy, lecturing is straightforward, and copying is very hit-and-miss. But inspiring true growth in someone, in the places they needed it, without trying to force it down their throats, and so that everyone walks away happy, is a real art form. Be prepared to get rebuffed. Be ready for people to reject your lessons, and to learn the very hard lesson that you actually know a little less about what's going on than you think, even if you've got yourself figured out pretty well. But know that at the end of it is an amazing place, a world where everyone's just a little better off than they were before. So teach, if you've got the time, the energy, and the knowledge, and learn a little in return.

    In the end, if everyone's having fun, it's probably not wrong.
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  5. Judging from your screenshot, I think I understand the problem. :)
    Some guys just don't want to learn or play intentionally badly.
    Just note the ones you have a problem with and never play co-op with them again, while warning others at the same time.
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    I'd like an official Ban Hell Strike Spell Staff of the Magus ASAP, please.

    Nice write up on things; I'd only add one note:

    If someone doesn't want to chat in world chat or in a match, that's okay. Some people need intense concentration; some people don't enjoy idle chatter (I am both these people). That does not mean that they are trying to be rude or disrespectful; it means that a preferred environment for them when playing the game is silence.

    I feel like that should extend to people who are spectating matches as well; if no one is talking in a match you enter, don't type anything. It's the equivalent of yelling when someone is serving for match point in the Wimbledon finals, or taking the winning putt at the Masters, or whatever other analogy you can think of.

    It's probably better to err on the side of caution when it comes to chat in matches; you can get all the chat you want in world chat (99% of the time). It's not always a necessity in a match.

    Just my .02$
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    Another thing: Snickersimba is not a troll, just very socially awkward and occasionally fustrated.
    How to be a good player should include a willingness to share your builds in chat and ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION BEFORE DOING ANYTHING; I always do this, I make sure that my teammates are on the same page I am on and that anyone I am talking to is willing to take advice from a questionably human whos train of thought was desgined by MC escher on illegal substances after getting off a teacup ride at disney land.

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