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    More and more people are asking in world chat about how to get loot and about various basic topics. So, I made this thread to give new players this link when they ask for tips in world chat, that is the only purpose. Pretty sure everyone on forums already knows this. Correction of mistakes and advice for what should be added or cut out will be appreciated, sorry about typos. I do not need any advanced game mechanic tips or campaign map recommendations "because they are easy to do with firestorm and legendary items". Post like this (New Player FAQ) already exists but i wanted to give my subjective opinion.

    About loot:

    Best way to grind chests:

    1)Best way to get loot is by playing league. Entrance fee is 50 gold and even if you do not play at all or loss all matches, you will still get 3 golden chests. Usually 1-2 wins will get you first place because people just enter and do not play. You can check which place you get by clicking league standings which is located on multiplayer screen. First place gets you 1 epic and 2 golden chests, second 1 epic 1 gold, third 1 epic, fourth 4 gold and fifth 5 gold. Entering league is always a good idea best way to grind loot! Also, in around 75% of leagues player does not need to use his deck and uses premade deck, so lack of items and being new won’t hold you down. For remaining 25% of league where you need your own deck you can just enter and not play.

    2)Second best way to get loot is by doing loot fairy. Loot fairy goes to random dungeon in campaign every day and it gives extra loot(2 guaranteed rare or better items). People track it down and post its location on website: ““. Doing loot fairy with co-op (will talk about co-op after) gives more loot (2 extra rare or better items). People request co-op for loot fairy by saying “LFG LF” in world chat, which means “looking for group loot fairy”.

    3)Third best way to get loot is just by winning in ranked or league battles. Each victory gives chest and to know what chest you get check out chest bar located at multiplayer screen.

    4)Worst and slowest way to get loot is by playing campaign. But Caverns of Chaos (last dungeon) is exception, that dungeon is very hard to complete so it’s not worth for new players.

    Extra: there also exists loot bandit which works same way as loot fairy but it can not be tracked because it is random for everyone.


    For new players items in shops will be very expansive. This is made so they do not buy strong items before practicing in a campaign for some time. It is important to increase your renown to maximum (21) before you start buying rare, epic or legendary items. Increasing renown is very easy.
    1: Your renown is equal to the highest adventure level you've completed.
    2: You get 1 renown per 3 ranked wins.
    Price for legendary will become 2500, epic-500, rare-100, uncommon-25, common-5.

    Always sell items at either after battle screen, chest opening screen or in Sharl’s seconds (shop which allows to buy sold items back at same price). Never sell items in other shops because you won’t be able to buy them back in Sharl’s seconds shop.

    Try to avoid buying legendaries at the start. Legendary does not always mean that item is better. For warriors and priest mostly commons/uncommon are just as strong or stronger than legendaries. But for wiz yup, legendary items are usually better.

    So, the daily deal has same items for everyone and Randimar’s has different items for everyone.

    Pizza and Loot:

    Game is completely free to play. You do not need to spend any money to gain advantage, you will acquire items by entering league and following instructions I gave easily, just invest some time. Worst way to spend gold is by buying chests (never ever buy chests with gold, they give nothing). You do not need to spend pizza to buy chests but if you want to speed the process of getting loot than sure why not.

    Most profitable way to spend pizza is by buying club membership. If you play a lot, club membership will present a huge value, extra membership items add up quickly.

    I personally only buy skins with pizza. And only money I have spent was to buy expansions. For loot, no expansion is worth its buck, but basic edition levels offer some good treasures (for example “St Ulrich’s bones”)

    Note about campaign:

    I would recommend buying 2 levels which come after Spreading Blight, Svitlana’s Inquisition and Assault on Castle Mitternatcht. They are the hardest levels in my opinion and true skill testers. Also treasure hunt level which has St Ulrich’s bones is a nice.

    Mauve Manticore levels are bit tricky so if you ever need help you show watch tutorial videos from TheCT5Holy. Search in YouTube: TheCT5Holy (insert level name). for any other level you can just request help with co-op.

    About co-op:

    To use co-op feature you have to left click on players username and click invite.

    In co-op each player controls 1 character. With 2-person co-op you can only bring 2 characters in a match, but each person will draw 1 extra card. So, 2-person co-op is not really weaker than 3-person co-op.

    It is important to know when to pass in co-op. After player 1 passes turn goes over to player 2 and then to player 3 or If there is no player 3 to enemy. It is important to pass when you think your teammate can make a better play, for example: run away from enemy to avoid damage, finish a kill, damage enemy before it runs away and so on. So always pass when you think other character can make a better play.

    It is not recommended to co-op every level when you start the game because only 1 of your character will level up and others will stay behind. Before completing game once you should only co-op if you get stuck or for loot fairy.

    About game mechanics:

    Statistics and guilds:

    Left Click players username, click profile, then click meta and page will open up.

    There you can see players statistics and so on. Once you click leaderboards on top right corner and then click current season you can see guilds.

    In past top guilds got awarded pizza so competition was big. Nowadays guilds lost purpose and act just a community who for example share decks on discord servers.

    To join guild, you need to be invited by guilds leader.

    Few game mechanics and basic battle tips:

    If you right click on mouse + Ctrl on terrain you can see what your characters can see from that place, it shows their sight.

    You should turn auto target off in settings so you can use mini heals or any friendly focused ranged things to trigger enemy blocks and use bashing attacks/winds to move friendly characters. For example: priest can use heal to target enemy and trigger his block and warrior can bash another warrior to move him closer (yes, he will still take damage).

    To read traits which are on character, right click on that character. Traits trigger first, from oldest to newest, then terrain. So, if you had damaging trait on you and was standing under healing terrain, you would take damage first and then heal.

    Terrain triggers from the bottom of the board to the top proceeding by column from left to right then by row from bottom to top.

    It is important to master flanking mechanic when you know opponent has many blocks. You will master this with practice.
    You can check card combos and details here:
    and here: “

    Extra tip:
    There are 2 traits in ranked games which makes opponent explode. Festering guts and mad dog (which you can get from Lycanthropic Form or howl). If your character who has any of this card attached dies and kills opponents’character too, enemy characters death is registered first. So, in a tiebreaker you would win even if all 3 of your characters got killed.

    you can check your collection on this website. Instructions on how to use it are on here as well.
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    Deck building:

    Premade multiplayer parties that game offers are very bad. You can make much stronger budget common/uncommon decks easily.

    In current meta 2 warrior 1 priest decks are strongest and easiest to play. Many of this type of decks do not even need any legendary or epic. Most strong wizard builds on the other hand need many legendaries and are also harder to play.

    For starters I will recommend 2 warrior 1 priest build with common/uncommon items. All humans. As strong as top builds.

    It is important to know that traits=card draw. Each trait even if it is black, draws you a card. So when making a deck and comparing similar items, 1 with trait and other without it, think like this: would you rather get this extra card from no trait item or draw another card? If another card is the answer pick the item with trait. Some slot are meant to be filled with items with traits for cycle, example: Robe of lightness. Most black trait are not even that bad and can be use as free card draw.

    Overpowered and generally useful items:

    There are many great items in game and tons of strong legendaries for wiz but I will only say very few legendary and epic items which suit starting builds and later transition into lategame builds.

    Buy x2 copies of any of the following items if possible.

    Legendary: Snitrick’s Last Stand, Snarlcub Hide.

    Epic: St Ulrich’s bones (must buy), Vollmond Boots, Reckless Lycanthropy (must buy), Venerable Positioning, Chapeau of the Afflicted Artist, Galvanized Zombie Plates (downgrade from Snarlcub Hide), Stargod’s Raiments, Evensong, Aegis of the Defender.

    Rare: Cleansing Shroud, Sacrificial Axe, Ancient Heirloom Shield, Parrying Buckler, Tough Leather Cap, Focused Positioning, Subtle Positioning, Paranoid Thinker, Werewolf Hide (downgrade from Galvanized Zombie Plates), Packleader’s Boots.

    Uncommon and Common items appear in every level bases shops. so when searching for them you should look at their levels to check out correct shop.

    Uncommon: Stolen Torch (must buy, level 14), Double-edged Sword (must buy, level 17), Outgrown Helm (downgrade from Chapeau of the Afflicted Artist, level 7), Advanced Piety (must have, level 15).

    Common: Bejeweled Shortsword (level 18), Cursed Gumshoes (downgrade from Vollmond Boots), Creepy Box (level 19), Inquisitor’s Morningstar (must have, level 7).

    You can search for all of this items on this website: “

    Deck would look like this:

    “+”-means item is better.


    Weapons: Double-edged Sword, Stolen Torch, Bejeweled Shortsword or Snitrick's Last stand(+).

    Shield: Parrying Buckler.

    Boots: Vollmond Boots (+) or Cursed Gumshoes.

    Martial skill: Reckless Lycanthropy (+) or any 2-trait martial skill, for example: Delicate Dervish, Sharp Bashing, Untrained Slicing, Novice Impaling...

    If you do not have Snarlcub Hide:

    Helmet: Chapeau of the Afflicted Artist (+) or Outgrown Helm.

    Human skill: Subtle positioning (+) or Paranoid Thinker.

    Heavy armor: Galvanized Zombie Plates (+) or Werewolf Hide.

    With Snarlcub:

    Use extra gained token on either:

    human skill: Focused Positioning, or helmet: Tough Leather Cap.


    3 types of priest can be built. first with x2 Sacrificial Axe as weapon, second with x2 Inquisitor’s Morningstar as weapon and third with x1 Evensong and x1 inquisitor’s Morningstar as weapon.

    Shield: Ancient Heirloom shield (+) or any other good shield.

    Divine skill: Advanced Piety.

    Anything other than this depends on what items you have. More bless you use the better. Use items mentioned in overpowered category or ask people for advice with consideration of the items you have.

    That is all for now new player! Happy hunting.
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    i just now realise it can be a lot better if you illustrate with images. too much text not inviting
  4. should have read this before i spent all 400 of my gold. Thanks for this!
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    Good thread. Suggestions to add to the "ways to get stuff":

    • Play the campaign in co-op mode, because the last chest of each module gives two extra drops for co-op compared to single-player mode. (Also, for this reason I disagree with your recommendation not to play the campaign in co-op mode.)
    • Do quests, some of them are not hard at all and give good rewards.
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