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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by battlezoby, May 29, 2021.

  1. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    People are always asking LFG (looking for group) but huge portion of the
    time, replying to that results in a reply that they're already on a team.

    It would be very nice if the there was a way for you know if someone was
    on a team and/or in a adventure before send a message to them or inviting them.

    Simplest way I can think of is for a Private Message window to show
    the person's status when opened via the right-click "Message" choice.
    Status would be Single vs. Group, and maybe in-adventure vs. not-in-adventure
    when you first open a private message "tab"/window to them. (Obviously
    PvP status of already obvious from the Multiplayer screen since it lists all
    the matches in progress.)

    Or simplier could be a /status <name> which report the above, or to include
    it as open of the options that appear as when right-clicking along with Profile
    and the like, or just automatically shown on that menu.

    There's also an issue of AFK not being obvious, since so many people
    leave the game AFK due to wanting be to eligable for the Double Dips. This
    probably shouldn't be automated (sort of a lack of privacy, and sort of presumptious)
    but there ideally ought to be a way for someone to set it manually. Whether or not
    it auto-clears when someone enters a match or adventure would be something to
    choose - I don't currently have a preference either way that I think of.
  2. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Oh.... a more comprehensive solution (no as simply to impliment) would be
    if there was some sort of dynamically updated table of status, like there is for
    the PvP matches. Ideally, someone could actually flag themselves as
    LFG, with an optional modifier (such as LFG LF, LFG CoC, LFG <whatever>)
    that shows itself when the person sets it. But really expecting much a chance
    of this happening, but it is a "suggestion" even if not one I expect to implimented. :)
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  3. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Another possibility to consider. Especially during Loot Fairy Madness.

    Hang out in co-op chat for the co-op requests. Upon being satisfied with a team, leave co-op chat. Presto, people can see your looking-for status.

    Now, if only there were some rule in place about people only using co-op chat for co-op requests. $;^ J $;^ J
  4. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Oh... you mean using the /who command I assume. Took me a minute to speculate on that. :)
  5. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Well, not only does the co-op channel have a visible List Players (/who) button, but my memory says co-op channel lists everyone coming in and out like battle chat. If BM changed that and I forgot, then there goes the auto-status-announcement.
  6. Long time since I last opened the Co-op chat but it could very well be that you only get informed about friends coming and going (just like in world-chat).
  7. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I was wrong! Confirmed in-game. I listed players in co-op chat: 29. No messages for many minutes. Listed again: 31. No messages for many minutes. Listed again: 20.

    I can't help but wonder if co-op chat first listed people coming in and out but swiftly got changed for the headache it caused when co-op first launched.

    In that case, the solution to
    "lfg lf" -> "invite" -> "sorry got a team"
    "lfg lf" -> "got a team"

    (player announces when no longer lfg).
  8. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Oh... Timestamps in chat (including World) might be nice. Especially if it was a toggle on/off option in Options.
    I try to leave the client open 24/7, which obviously not more than about 100 people do. But when I come back
    to it, there's no reliable way to tell if a "lfg lf" was from hours ago.

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